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Introduction of staggering no. of current celebrities in immensely popular sketch-comedy sitcom ‘Saturday Night Live’ is solely the remarkable work of Canadian-American television producer, Lorne Michaels. He has scored several small screen hits into his production credits and has established himself as the talented producer. With his flair of bringing together an interesting and disparate group of people and being a center for both the group, he has ruled the entertainment world since several decades. As Lorne Lipowitz, he was born on 17th November, 1944 in Toronto, Ontario of Canada. He was born to be eldest among two including a younger sister named Barbara Lipowitz and brother named Mark Lipowitz, who expired from brain tumor.

Canadian born TV producer, Michaels got US citizenship in 1987. Being widely known to the television audiences, SNL’s producer, Michaels’s personal life has been closely looked by the public. Thrice married Michaels’s first wife was writer, Rosie Shuster, to whom he was married in 1967 and divorced in 1980. Following the separation with Shuster, he shared his second wedding vows with Susan Forristal, a model in 1984. He remained as intimate of Forristal till 1987. His third or current wife is Alice Barry. Barry has been better-half of Michaels since 1991 and the couple has three children together. With two divorces behind, his third marriage has been proved to be successful in his life.

Upon graduating from Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, he had attended University of Toronto. Majoring English, he had achieved graduation in 1966 and subsequently began a career as broadcaster and writer for CBC radio. Moving to Los Angeles in 1968, he had begun a job of writer for ‘The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show’ and ‘Laugh-In’. He worked as performer in Canadian comedy sitcom ‘The Hart and Lorne Terrific Hour’ during the early 1970s alongside actor and writer, Hart Pomerantz. In 1975, 30-years-old Michaels along with 27-years-old Dick Ebersol was hired by NBC TV network to create comedy show ‘Saturday Night Live’. Later, the duo i.e. Ebersol and Michaels developed an idea of sketch comedy that was filmed in-front of live viewers and performed by group of actors and writers. The series within a short interval gained high reputation and influenced many of the viewers. The series was noted for its capability to reinvent itself through constant stream of many brightest comedic talents. Over the years, ‘Saturday Night Live’ has launched several high-profiled names in comedy including Bill Murray, Will Ferrell, Eddie Murphy, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and many more. He had founded a production company named ‘Broadway Video’ in 1979 and later the company gained recognition with show ‘Kids in the Hall’ and movie ‘Tommy Boy’ and ‘Wayne’s World’. Mainly he is recognized for nurturing the ability that he has discovered in ‘Saturday Night Live’. He had placed Conan O’Brien in fulfilling the responsibility of writer in ‘SNL’. He had also handled the work of executive producer in show ‘Late Night’. Likewise, he has also served being executive producer in show ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’. He has been known for reshaping the world of late night talk-show. The creator of ‘SNL’, Michaels has put both Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien behind the ‘Late Night’s desk. Throughout his career, he has produced various movies and TV projects. However, his immense popularity has been associated with the grand hit show ‘Saturday Night Life’. Having numbers of popular projects into his production credits, he has accumulated much more worth. His estimated net-worth amounts to $350 million.

Being enthusiastic and passionate in almost all of his works, Michaels has gained unbelievable success in all of the projects, where he had kept his hand. Moreover, providing support and confidence he has sharpened the skills of aspiring actors and made the availability of proficient performers in Hollywood entertainments. Many of the cast members of ‘Saturday Night Live’ characterize him as the paternal mentor, who has made the availability of better platform to many performers. His fans can learn her biographic details with the latest updates in wiki and many other internet sites like IMDb, biography.com and many more. His fans can follow him in social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and twitter.