Lorena Bobbitt Net Worth 2019: John Wayne Bobbitt net worth is around $250 thousand dollars. How much she acquired from her ex-husband John Wayne Bobbitt as divorce settlement?

Her ex-husband John Wayne, however, has made tons of wealth out of the misfortune. He ironically is not even ashamed of the event.

While on the other hand, Lorena is living a decent family life. She’s earning a good amount of salary enough to raise her daughter and provide her all of her needs.

Lorena's Ethnicity & Nationality

Belonging to American nationality and Hispanic ethnicity, Lorena Bobbitt is not any celebrity or any popular public figure.

She just is an ordinary woman like any of us. She basically became famous for maiming her ex-husband’s penis after years of alleged domestic violence and repeated sexual assault.  

Lorena Bobbitt Married Husband John Wayne Bobbitt in 1989

Lorena Bobbitt had married John Bobbit in 1989. She was just 19 when she tied a knot with him. They remained couples for five years but then the night of June 23, 1993, she severely damaged her husband’s penis with a kitchen knife, left home within few minutes of committing the crime and threw away the injured penis from the window.

The night of the crime, John Bobbit came back to his apartment after a long night of partying and drinking.

According to Lorena, he then forced her to have sex with him. She already had suffered for five long years of emotional, physical and sexual torture from her partner.

She waited for the vengeance. So, came the night of June 23, 1993, when Lorena got out of the bed, headed to the kitchen for some water, and later entered the bedroom with a sharp knife aiming to slice off her partner’s penis.

After the scene, she left her bruised spouse in the house, drove in her car and flung his severed penis from the window. She then called the cops all for herself.

Later, after an enormous search, John’s penis was located and surgically reattached. The incident instantly became international news. Her story then became the headline news for countless newspapers and magazines.

She went on to become famous from anonymous. After the incident, Lorena was taken into custody. She was arrested the same night of the incident.

During the court trial, she revealed the details of their marriage where her husband, John raped her almost every night and boasted about his infidelities like that meant nothing leading to the severe mental breakdown of Lorena. After long hours of deliberation, she was found not guilty and freed from all the accusations.

After the incident, both of them became public figures.

Lorena Bobbitt and John Wayne Bobbitt Divorce: Where is Lorena Now in 2019?

Lorena Bobbitt and John Wayne Bobbitt are divorced and are living separately in 2019. Lorena at present is working as a real estate agent and a hair stylist.

She has also successfully established Lorena’s Red Wagon organization that helped women who’ve suffered domestic abuse and violence. While on the other hand, John seems to hog the limelight.

He has made few appearances on the television shows to talk about the incident and also made two porn movies.

When asked about the same, he replied that he wanted the world to know that his equipment is still functioning well.

Lorena Bobbitt Age, 43, Wiki and Boyfriend

Lorena Bobbitt was born on October 31, 1970, in Bucay, Ecuador. Lorena is now 43 years of age and is in the long term relationship with her boyfriend, Dave Bellinger. The two have a child together.

She is the mother of a beautiful two and a half-year-old daughter, Olivia. She is currently at happy feet.

After moving on with her life from an abusive and violent past, she has now become more stable and enjoying a good balance of life.

More about the incident and about Lorena's personal life details can be obtained from Wikipedia. 

Lorena Bobbitt Documentary:

In February 2019, Amazon has released its trailer of the documentary name "Lorena". It is based on the real-life incident on Lorena Bobbitt John Wayne Bobbitt.