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Lisan Goines
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Lisan Goines has had quite a history when it comes to cheating scandals. Although she is a lawyer by profession, sadly, she is more famous as the mistress of Steve Kroft.

After all, she was in an extra-marital affair with Steve Kroft. He is an American journalist. And, he is most popular as the correspondent for 60 Minutes.

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In spite of both of them being married, they carried on their affair for 3 years. Later, when Kroft came clean about their affair, it made huge news.

Along with affair, the spicy messages they shared with each other also got exposed. In this way, their affair ended with everything they had out in the open.

Lisan Goines Husband

Lisan Goines is married and hence, has a husband. But, there is little to no info on him. Despite their marriage, she ended up in an affair with another married man.

Although she was cheating on his husband, she did not want to leave him. In the same way, she kept Kroft from separating from his wife as well.

But, what she did on her part as a wife seems wrong. Her actions must have left her husband with a broken heart.

Lisan Goines Age: 45 Years


It has been a few years after the world got to know about her cheating scandal. Their affair got out in the year 2015. At that time, she was 41 years of age.

So, she might be 45 years old as of 2019. And, she may have been born in the year 1974. However, she has not revealed her exact date of birth until now.

And, that is a piece of information that most do not know.

Lisan Goines Wiki

Lisan is a lawyer. And, she is from New York. Moreover, she graduated from Harvard University Law School.

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Likewise, she is one of the partners at Duval & Stachenfeld LLP. And, according to her profile, she joined the Firm in the year 2007.

After that, she has had experience and knowledge in Corporate Law’s several aspects.

Lisan’s Net Worth

Lisan Goines has had a successful career as a lawyer. So, her net worth must be a whopping amount.

Sadly, there is a lack of info about her net worth. But, it is no brainer that she has a substantial amount of earnings through her job.

Lisan: Bio

Lisan Goines is a lawyer from New York. And, she is a graduate of Harvard University Law School.

In spite of her credentials, she is recognized for her affair with Steve Kroft. Both of them engaged in an extra-marital affair for 3 years time.

According to some internet sources, she herself ended their extra-marital relationship after Kroft started acting needy.

Lisan’s Lawyer Facts

Goines is a lawyer who graduated from Harvard University. After her qualifications, she achieved success in her career as a lawyer.

But her extra-marital affair with Steve Kroft made her the hot topic afterward. In this way, she is famous for the wrong reason.

Similarly, when their affair came out in the public, their sexting also got revealed as well. And, as can be expected, they became the object of ridicule and shame.