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One of the most celebrated names in network’s history, Lisa Ray primarily set out to make her career in journalism, however the entertainment world could have never afford to lose gem like her and today she is a superstar. A Canadian model, actress, TV host, social activist and philanthropist, Lisa Ray is famous for her work in Oscar nominated movie “Water”.

Born on 4th of April 1972 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Lisa Ray is daughter of polish mother and Bengali Hindu father. Raised in suburb of Etobicoke, Lisa spent her childhood in Kolkata, India. Academically she was very good. She attended 3 different high schools: Silverthorn Collegiate Institute, Richview Collegiate Institute and Etobicoke Collegiate Institute.

Green eyed dazzling dazzler Lisa Ray was once seen romancing Canadian businessman Brett Wilson. Brett is fifteen years elder to her. The couple romanced for a year from 2010 to 2011. She has not tied knot year and reported to be single yet. On 23rd of June 2009, she found out that she was suffering from a cancer. After being treated for a year, she won over the disease which she announced in April 2010. As this disease cannot be cured completely, she still has that disease within her. In February 2012, she got engaged with management consultant Jason Denhi. The couple walked down the aisle on 20th of October 2012. The ceremony took place in the Napa Valley, California. In an interview, she said that she lives on smoothies, vegetarian foods and juices.

Lisa Ray began modeling career after being approached by a glossy fashion magazine to pose for them and Lisa ended up on its cover. Within a few months, Lisa was making appearances on several magazine covers as well as serving as various brand’s spokesmodel. Though she was overwhelmed by the instant success, she always felt that modeling was not her destination as she did not have the height that a model should have. Hungering for change, Lisa Ray stepped into the acting industry starting from the Bollywood movie “Kasoor”. Divya Dutta voiced her character as Lisa couldn’t speak hindi. She was then cast by Deepa Mehta in “Bollywood/Hollywood” in 2002. After discovering her passion for acting, she relocated to London pursue career in Performing arts. To hone her acting skills, she attended the Central School of Speech and Drama. She then studied at the London Center of Theater Studies, BADA and The Desmond Jones school of Physical Theater. She majored in acting in 2004 through the Academy of Live and Recorder Arts (ALRA). While studying at ALRA, she took a role in a much-anticipated and highly controversial movie “Water”. Following her graduation, she has appeared in productions from the United States, Europe and Canada. Her movie credit includes “Hanste Khelte”, “Nethaji”, “Takkari onga”, “Ball & Chain”, “Yuvraj”, “Seeking Fear”, “The Flowerman”, “Quarter Life Crisis”, “A stone’s Throw”, “Blood Ties”, “The World Unseen”, “All Hat”, “I Can’t Think Straight”, “Kill Kill Faster Faster”, “Toronto Stories”, “The Summit”, “Somnolence”, “Defendor”, “Cooking with Stella”, “Psych”, “Trader Games”, “1 a Minute”, “Murdoch Mysteries”, “Endgame” and “Patch Town”. She has appeared in television shows, including “The Standard”, “Great Canadian Books”, “The Marilyn Denis Show”, “Oh My Gold”, “The Hour” and “Top Chef Canada”. She has garnered a net worth of twenty million dollars.

Lisa Ray continues to be a rare find among starlets, graciously embracing the limelight while truly making a difference for the less fortunate. She is an active supporter of several awareness and charity programs. In 2009, she was a part of 5K Your Way WalkRun, MMWalk for the Cure and Plan Canada’s ‘Because I Am A Girl’ campaign, 2011 GIRL 20 SUMMIT. She has been honored with a number of awards for her cinematic and philanthropy works. More recently, in May 2013, she was honored with the famed “Diamond Jubilee Medal”. Hello Canada’s 2013 edition named her among the Canada’s 50 Most Beautiful Stars.

Lisa Ray is as well an enthusiast writer and aspired to be a novelist. Lisa has contributed several articles to multiple publications, including The Indian Express and Cosmopolitan magazine, to date. More detailed information regarding her personal and professional life can be fetched through wiki and IMDB.