Lisa Hidalgo Channel 7 :: Age, Husband, Wikipedia, Salary, Bio, Denver

Lisa Hidalgo Age: Channel 7’s Lisa Hidalgo age is guessed in between 50 – 55 Years old. As of 2019, Lisa hasn’t disclosed her age in public, but she hasn’t really aged much since the past few years.

Lisa Hidalgo is easily recognized as a leading Denver7 or KMCH-TV’s morning weathercaster. The alum mater of Mississippi State University, she is a certified weathergirl with decades of experience in the industry.

This stunningly sculpted meteorologist from Colorado has been heating up television screen in the Denver7 or Channel 7 for past eight years.

Besides weather-casting, this weather-geek is competing for the ‘2019 Dancing with Anchors’ and is known to have a partner as Kelvin Rico-Pineda, a professional dancer.

Fast forward precisely eight years after she joined KMCH-TV in 2011, this sassy blonde still has that youthful appearance, perfect skin and womanly figure – even being a super-mum hasn’t aged her.

Lisa Hidalgo Channel 7 – Husband

Weather girl Lisa Hidalgo is a stunning, attractive woman with hot husband to boasts. Such a family woman, she is a super mom to two lovely daughters and ‘Hidalgo’ family pet, Jadey & Snickers.

Despite living in a public eye, journalist Lisa has control over her personal life happening. Having exchanged her vows in a super private ceremony in 2003, her anonymous husband isn’t fond of celebrity status and lives outside of the limelight.

Channel 7’s newscaster Lisa Hidalgo is happily married to boyfriend turned husband for a long time and is the proud parents of two beautiful girls.   

Lisa Hidalgo Channel 7 – Wikipedia and Bio

Channel 7 Lisa Hidalgo Wiki & Biography: Colorado native Lisa Hidalgo was born-and-bred around the west side of the city in Golden Lakewood in Denver.

After completing her high-school education from the Green Mountain High School, she attended the University of Colorado and earned her B.S. degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Next, she tackled weather and obtained her meteorology certification from Mississippi State University.

Her broadcasting career started in 2001 in her hometown as a reporter & anchor for KREX-TV based in Grand Junction, Colorado.

The very year, she began working for radio station KRDO in Colorado Spring as a photojournalist, weathercaster and reporter.

Aside from reporting and news-casting, she enjoys knitting, playing Legos, and running, having finished 3-marathons including the 2017 Denver Marathon.

An avid reader, you can find her on the Denver7 Book Club! Or, you can follow her Twitter and Facebook accounts to stay connected or updated.

Moreover, you can also go through Lisa’s brief biography readable on a few sites including the official Denver channel. However, Lisa Hidalgo’s doesn’t have her Wiki page!     

Lisa Hidalgo Channel 7 – Salary

Lisa Hidalgo’s current salary and the net worth figure may be unknown, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take a look-see around her professional life that made her super famous and rich.

With a career spanning over a decade in weather-casting, Lisa had a short-lived reporting career with KVBC-TV while stationed in Las Vegas.

Earlier that she presented the news for KRDO radio station sometime around in 2004. Ranked #8 on the ‘best hair female Denver personalities’ poll, she is on-camera candy with weather knowledge to boost.

With a varied career, she has undoubtedly amassed a whopping fortune from her reporting career.