Lilly Singh Ethnicity, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Religion

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Lilly Singh Ethnicity, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Religion

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Lilli Singh is a Punjabi by ethnicity. Lilly Singh, popular as IISuperwomanII is a late-night TV host on NBC. She is the first woman to host a show after midnight on NBC. Her show A Little Late With Lilly Singh is a talk-show with a lot of humor in it. Before coming on to television, she was a celebrated YouTuber.

In addition to this, she is a rapper and has worked as an actor in a few movies.

She is a Canadian by her birth but is a Punjabi from Indian ethnicity.

Lilli Singh is a Punjabi by ethnicity

Although Lilly was born and grown up in Canada, Singh is the daughter of Punjabi parents that makes her a Punjabi. She was born on 26 September 1988 in Ontario, Canada. Her parents Malwinder Kaur and Sukhvinder Singh moved to Canada from Punjab, India.

After completing her studies in Canada and making a few YouTube videos, she moved to Los Angeles looking forward to her career.

Is Lilly Singh in a relationship? Who is her boyfriend?

There are a few things that you can not find about this YouTuber-turned-TV host. Among those, her relationship status is one.

You can find a number of videos on Lilli Singh’s YouTube channel related to dating and boyfriend. However, she has never talked about her relationship status personally.

The viewers, nonetheless, did link her up with fellow YouTubers, Yousef Erakat in the past. But she never accepted the rumor or denied it.

So, as of now, let’s not guess too much about her relationship status. Maybe she will let us all know when she feels right about it.

Lilly’s Net Worth is over $16 Million Dollars

Lilly has been posting videos on YouTube since 2010. In almost a decade, she has earned a huge amount of fan following and money as well.

According to Forbes, she is one of the most-paid YouTubers. She reportedly earned $10.5 Million through her YouTube.

Similarly, at present, she is doing a talk show along with YouTube. She has interviewed so many popular personalities like Dwayne Johnson, Priyanka Chopra, band members of 5 Seconds of Summer, etc.

Hence with all of these, Lilli Singh current net worth is estimated to be around $16 Million Dollars.

She has a verified Twitter account and a verified Instagram account. Thus, these also add to her income source.

Along with being financially secured, she has also been able to make a name in Hollywood. She was at the MET GALA 2019 where a lot of other celebrities were present.

Lilly Singh is a Sikh but respects every religion

Lilly was brought up in a Sikh family. She grew up learning about her religion. Also, she has great respect for her religion and her roots from India. And, whenever she visits India, she does not avoid visiting the traditional places.

Furthermore, she respects every other religion. As a Canadian, she has friends from all religions. Thus, she equally respects every religion. Moreover, she thinks that kindness should be the main religion of people.