Lil Tecca Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Baby, Where is he From?

Lil Tecca Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Baby, Where is he From?

Lil Tecca Net Worth: The deep-dyed music geeks and viewer has already acknowledged and well-received Lil’s music.

At just age 16, Tecca has already made an impact in the industry with his extraordinary rapping skills. Only a few weeks ago, he had featured on Time Square’s digital screen and billboard after the success of chartbuster single ‘Ransom’.


As the commercial success of his single speaks stridently for Lil, he no doubt, has garnered a lucrative amount by now.

As per close sources, Lil Tecca has so far made a whopping net worth of $300 Thousand. For a 16-years-old artist who has just begun his career, it surely isn’t an awful start.

Apprehending his back-to-back hit songs, Lil irrefutably will make a fortune worth million in a year or so.

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Lil Tecca Age – 16

Born on August 26, 2002, Lil Tecca present age is 16. No wonder, he looks perceptibly young with jagged boyish visage, cheeky smile, and natural charm.

For an emerging rapper, Lil is quite charming with innocent yet rough and tough looks, signature Afro hair and allure.

Unlike most rappers, Tecca has been blessed with a soft and melodic voice. He has kept simple looks and even got dental braces grinding his teeth while spectacles sheathing his smoky eyes.

It’s surprising to see the 16-years-old has is already in top shape with ripped physique and toned abs. No doubt, he quite often spends his time at the gym working on hardcore exercise and a healthy diet.

Lil Tecca Real Name – Tyler Sharpe

Tyler Sharpe known with stage name Lil Tecca is a rising American rapper and recording artist. His track list of several commercial hit singles proves that Lil has before now honed his skills.

Since a young age, Lil used to perform and do raps listening and looking after noted recording artist and singer. His hardships, no surprise paid off Lil in a big way as all his tracks have almost million views.

Details Lil Tecca’s Girlfriend and Baby

Taking a quick glance of his music videos shows that Lil is evidently popular amidst girls. He is playful and impish at times but the rapper is even more cautious when it comes to his personal life.

Even though it hasn’t been too long for him in the industry, no rumors of Lil’s romantic affair has yet sparked.

And it’s clearly because Lil Tecca hasn’t been once snapped with any mysterious girl that indicates to be his girlfriend.

As the rapper isn’t married yet and neither in a romantic affair, it’s so apparent that Lil hasn’t have got baby.

Where is Lil Tecca from?

Originally from Queens, New York, Lil had spent most of his childhood in the Springfield neighborhood. His parents had immigrated to the United States from Jamaica where they brought up the forthcoming rapper.

Along with his entire family, Lil moved to Five Towns, Long Island while studying at grade 7. Obsessed with music since the time, he did fortified own music prowess throughout the years.

Even while working on his academics, the rapper entire focus was music. Following the footsteps of his small-time singer dad, he started rapping while playing Xbox.

So far, Lil has released many hit singles which include ‘Count Me Out’, ‘Did It Again’ and ‘Love Me. In fact, his recent track of ‘Ransom’ has even made its debut on Billboard Hot 100 with more than 14 million views.

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