Who Are Liberty Poole's Parents? 

Jo Poole is the mother of Liberty Poole. 

She is her best friend. Jo had appeared in the 'Meet the Parents' episode on Love Island. Her father did not make any appearance. 

And we searched for the information on Jo's husband, and sadly we found absolutely nothing. 

It looks like Jo Poole is a marketing manager in Birmingham. However, this has not been confirmed, and we found this information on Realitytitbit's article. 

Jo and Liberty have a great mother-daughter relationship. 

Meet Liberty Poole's Mother And Father On Instagram 

Jo Poole's mother's Instagram handle is @jopoolex.

She has kept her account private. People wishing to view her feed have to chip in a follow request.

Jo proudly writes that she is the mother of Liberty in her bio. 

We could not locate Liberty's father's Instagram because his name and identity were not revealed. 

Liberty has a massive fan base on her Instagram. 

More than one million people follow her. 

Her Instagram ID is @libertypoolex.

Who Liberty Poole? Everything To Know About Her: Wikipedia And Bio 

Liberty Poole does not have a Wikipedia biography. She is not enlisted on their website. 

What Is The Age Of Liberty Poole? How Old Is She? 

Liberty Poole is 22 years old. 

She was born on  7, 1999, in Birmingham, England.