Leonardo Fortunato Ponti: 10 Facts On Edoardo Ponti Son

Starting from Edoardo Ponti, He is an Italian director and also the son of producer Carlo Ponti and actress Sophia Loren. Likewise, Leonardo Fortunato Ponti is the son of Mr. Edoardo Ponti. He is in the phase of growth. Every day he gets inspired by his own parents, as they are well renowned in the world of cinema.

Get to know more about Leonardo Fortunato Ponti,

Name Leonardo Fortunato Ponti
Birthday December 20
Age 10-12
Gender Male
Nationality Italian
Profession Celebrity kid
Parents Sasha Alexander and Edoardo Ponti
Siblings Lucia Sofia Ponti

10 Facts about Leonardo Fortunato Ponti:

  1. As Leonardo Fortunato Ponti was born in the year 2010, December 20 his age is just 10 years old according to the year 2021.
  2. More about his sibling, Lucia Sofia Ponti is his older sister born and raised in the city of Italy, on May 12, 2006. She is 4 years older than Leonardo.
  3. Leonardo Fortunato Ponti is not yet on Instagram with his details and all. He might be unaware of this social media thing because of his young age.
  4. After all, every child is fond of their parents. Similarly, Leonardo Fortunato Ponti loves his parents, Miss Sasha Alexander, and dad Edoardo Ponti.
  5. Unfortunately, Leonardo Fortunato Ponti’s actual height is not revealed by his parents. But he seems quite taller at the age of 10.
  6. In addition, His mother is available on Instagram by ‘@sashaalexander’ where she keeps posting her family photos.
  7. His dad, Edoardo Ponti speaks English, French, and Italian very fluently.
  8. Talking about his family, He along with his sister Lucia Sofia are the only children from their parents. The family is well settled as one boy and girl is enough for every parent.
  9. Details about his schooling are not mentioned till today. He might be studying in a school. Moreover, He celebrates his birthday every 20th of December
  10. Edoardo Ponti’s son Leonardo Fortunato Ponti loves engaging in sports and all. From his childhood days, he is a very energetic and kind child.