Lela Rochon Husband Nicole Murphy – Health, Net Worth, Age and Wiki

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Lela Rochon Husband Nicole Murphy

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Who wouldn’t recognize Lela Rochon from “Waiting to exhale” (1995)? Of course, she played as Robin Strokes in comedy, drama, and romance classic. Undoubtedly, she lived up to her potential and expectations in the industry.

Recently she is a focus of talk across media with news regarding her husband. The news is about director Antoine Fuqua, Lela’s husband. He happens to kiss model Nicole Murphy during a trip to Italy.

The producer/actress has quite a successful career so far. She has 54 credits since 1984 in movies and television. She is a source of inspiration to young models and actresses. Here are the facts about her husband, recent affair tantrum, health, age, net worth, and wiki.

Lela Rochon Husband – Nicole Murphy and Affair

Lela Rochon was married to Antoine Fuqua in 1999. Since then, they have faced ups and downs together. They together even have two children, daughter Asia, and son Brandon.

The couple was never in the spotlight regarding their marital problems. But the case has changed as they are recently mixed up with media criticism.

The director was on a trip to Italy and someone caught his eye. Some pictures of him kissing a model named “Nicole Murphy” was leaked into the media.

A big deal was made out of this situation regarding the affair. Some people even spread rumors about their planned divorce.

Nicole murphy said, “it was a friendly hello”. Antoine also claims,” We are family friends” and all the fuss is about their ongoing affair and going on a trip together.

Despite the rumors and tantrum situation, Lela and Antoine are working hard to save their marriage.

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Lela’s Health

Argumentatively Lela is one of the most beautiful classic actresses. She has lots of fans who love and idolize her. The actress was charming with a perfect figure and body during her acting prime.

Even though she was physically perfect, Lela Rochon went through some health issues.

She expressed her experience about her pregnancy and difficulties during the time. She says, “I just want to tell it honestly. Five months into my first pregnancy, my water broke while….”. Some sources over the internet even believe that she lost a child which is not public.

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Lela Rochon Net Worth: $10 Million

Lela started her career appearing an extra in movie “Breakin” that followed her successful movie and TV career. She also appeared in Bud Light TV commercials and television film “A Bunny’s tale”.

The passionate actress not only has a bio with fame but also high net worth value.

Her net worth in 2019 has traced to $10 million according to celebritynetworth.com. Subsequently, her worth is increasing year by year but she is almost at the climax of her career.

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The successful actress Lela Rochon (born on April 17, 1964) is 55 years old. In spite of her charming youth personality, she has gained quite a weight. Her fans even complain about her looking different these days.


Lela was born in California to Samuel Staples and Zelma Staples. She attended California State University and completed a BA in Broadcast Journalism. She started starring in the industry since 1982. Rochon was famous for “Waiting to exile” nominated for MTV movie award.

She is 5 feet 9 inches tall and has 127 lbs body weight. the physical attribute that supported her career.

The icon had 90k followers on Instagram and 5.6k followers on twitter but her accounts are not active these days.

She has previously married to director Shabba Doo. She has 2 children, Asia and Brandon and a stepchild from her husband’s previous affair.

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