Leila Arcieri Wiki, Height, Age, Married, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Bio

Before she portrayed Jordan King in ‘XXX’, Leila Arcieri was a beauty queen. Leila Arcieri was crowned the 1997 Miss San Francisco in the Miss California pageant.

Despite owning successful modeling, she went on to have a successful acting career with roles in movies including ‘XXX’.

Also, she is the CEO and founder of the natural sweetener called ‘STIR Sweetener’.  

Leila Arcieri Age – 45 Years Old

Born in 1973, Leila Arcieri celebrates her birthday each year on 18th December and currently age 45.

This former Miss San Francisco’s stunner is a pin-up for girls everywhere, who wishes to look as young as her in the mid-40s.

While the actress does everything to stay in shape and maintain that rock-hard abs and flat belly, it’s no wonder Leila was voted #65 on Maxim’s ‘Hot 100 List’ in 2005.

Leila Arcieri Height – 5 Feet 4 Inches (163 cm)

Famous for her pouty lips and lustrous curls, Leila Arcieri is only 5 feet 4 inches in height, but her enormous presence in Hollywood says otherwise.   

That droll-worthy curves and exotic appeal exists thanks to her multiracial parents! Plus, the ever-young model owns her juvenilities to her fitness regimens and eating right.

Is Leila Arcieri Married? Or, does she have a Boyfriend?

Taking pride on Leila Arcieri’s single status, this sexy spinster is likely to be flying solo with no presence of boyfriend or husband as of March 2019.

In her mid-40s, she is a strong, successful woman, who hasn’t let single information on her love life or dating history surfaced the internet.

She may have dated little personality in the past (well, on the down-low), she has somehow remained happily unmarried or unhitched to date.

As her fruitful career is keeping her busy, she is using all her positivity and energy to achieve big on upcoming days.

Totally content with her singlehood, Leila Arcieri doesn’t seem to in rush to get married or in a relationship.

Leila Arcieri Net Worth

Women in entertainment Leila has certainly earned more through her varied career, but how much is Leila Arcieri’s net worth in 2019?

Her roles in such hits as ‘Wild Things 2’ ‘XXX’ and ‘Daddy Day Care’, have earned her quite the paycheck, making her rich and family.

But, sadly, we can’t report on her net worth as she hasn’t revealed the actual figure.

More than just a pretty face, Leila is a fun, fresh & talent actress, who continues raking in the dough with each and every role she presents.

Leila Arcieri – Bio & Wiki

Born in San Francisco, California and now based in the Hollywood, Leila Arcieri is already pretty diverse; boasting of Italian American descent from father’s side and African-American from mothers’.

Having spent the most part of her early life in Sebastopol, she later moved to San Francisco soon after completing her high-school graduation.

In her hometown, she dipped into both photography & graphic design prior to becoming a make-up artist.

Active in the entertainment industry for quite a time now, Leila Arcieri is an established actress with brief biography readable on numerous websites, including Wiki.