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It really is a tragic case when veterans suffer PTSD and other trauma after the war and find it hard to relocate themselves and their life back to the normal place. Many people fail at that miserably but Leif Babin is not one of them. This former Navy SEAL served his country in the times of war and now has rearranged his life really unlike some unfortunate people.

He is currently a decorated former Navy SEAL officer, an author, and motivational speaker.

Leif Babin Wiki

Leif Babin is a cowboy both by roots and nature. He was born and raised in South-Texas, USA.

The details of his early life are not known but he must have been around happily trotting, playing in Texas maybe saw some alligators, horses, and gunshots.

He completed his high school education and immediately joined United States Naval Academy, Washington and pursued Bachelors of Science: Engineering. Wow! You were not expecting that, were you? He’s the all-around smart, strong and fighter kinda guy.

After his college, he underwent major training to become a SEAL.

He fought in the Iraq war and was in the platoon called Team 3’s task unit named “Bruiser” which was the most decorated operations unit in the Iraq war.

After 2006, he returned to the USA and started mentoring young cadets in SEAL academy. But he retired from his military life in 2011.

Leif Babin Age, Birthday: Mid 40


The details about Leif Babin’s age, birthday are not found on the internet. After all, he was a SEAL and maybe information about decorated officers are not obtained that easily. So, let me just tell you, he might be somewhere around that middle age of mid-40s to mid-50s.

But don’t try to mess with him because he will kick your ass. But he seems to be sweet and devoted to motivating people as seen from his twitter handle.

Leif Babin Wife: Jenna Lee

Leif called many shots in his military career but in his life, there’s a special lady who calls his shots. A man maybe soldier on the battlefield, he’s a sweet lover in the household.

Leif Babin got married to Jenna Lee in the Old Glory Ranch in Wimberly, Texas. However, further details of his life including the wedding ceremony, Jenna’s possible pregnancy is not known.

Leif Babin Family Brian Babin and Roxanne Babin

Leif Babin was born to father: Brian Babin and mother: Roxanne Babin. His father is an American politician and dentist. He belongs to the Republican party and is currently involves in the US Congress.

The details of her mother are not that much available on the internet.

Leif Babin: Some Quick Facts

  • He came very close to dying during one of the operations when Iraqi forces and American forces collided during the war.
  • Leif has written a book named ‘Extreme Ownership: How US Navy SEALs Lead and Win’.
  • Babin has also co-founded a company named ‘Echelon Fort’ where he instructs, drills and mentors young people.