Leida Margaretha Parents, Family (Indonesia): All About Eric Rosenbrook – 90 Day Fiance

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Leida Margaretha Parents, Family (Indonesia): All About Eric Rosenbrook

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Leida Margaretha Parents, Family (Indonesia): Leida Margaretha’s parents are from Indonesia. She celebrates her birthday on 12th May.

Not much is available about the 29-year old TV personality’s family members. Her parents have not featured on any shows to date.

Leida was a Miss Indonesia finalist. She comes from a wealthy family. The family is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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All About Eric Rosenbrook – 90 Day Fiance

Leida Margaretha only came to the limelight after she began appearing on the sixth season of the show ‘90-day fiancé.’

She appeared on the show alongside her fiance, Eric Rosenbrook. The pair’s marriage is going strong as there are no reports of any affairs in their relationship.

Eric Rosenbrook is a former U.S. Marine. His hometown is Baraboo, WI. He is 40 years old which makes him older than his wife.

The show featured the drama between Leida and her step-daughter Tasha. The feud between them became the main attraction on the show.

Leida took out a four-year restraining order on Eric’s daughter Tasha. The feud between them goes even far from the show. They have exchanged insults through their Instagram account.

In addition, even Eric helped his wife Leida to file a restraining order against Tasha. This proves that the relationship is vile between Leida and Tasha.

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Eric Rosenbrookand his Wife Leida Margaretha

Eric and Leida’s relationship began after they met through a personal ad. The ad was on an international website.

After they began video chatting, they soon hit it off. Eric traveled to Indonesia to meet Leida’s parents. He popped the question just after two days of meeting her.

The pair’s relationship has not always been sunshine and rainbows. The couple is heavily criticized online. Fans are not happy about the pair’s family drama.

Fans have gone as far as to send the couple death threats. Various hinderances on their relationship was visible on the show. However, they have remained a strong couple even after all the complications.

Leida’s marriage to Eric is not her first marriage. She was previously married to an unknown guy. The marriage took place in Indonesia.

From her previous relationship, Leida has a son named Alessandro. Additionally, he has moved to the United States together with his mother.

There have been various rumors that Leida and Eric are getting a divorce. All these rumors are not credible as neither of them has confirmed it.

The pair have defied all odds to remain married so far. Furthermore, they show no sign of separating from one another. We hope nothing but the best for the pair. May their marriage last even longer.

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Leida Margaretha’s Short Bio

Apart from her appearance on the show ‘90 Day Fiancé’, Leida also has a YouTube channel. She operates the channel with help from her husband.

In addiiton, Leida is also a popular Instagram personality. She has more than 115 thousand followers there. Additionally, she has already posted more than 85 times on her account to date.

Often times, Leida posts pictures of herself. She has endorsed several brands over the years. This has probably helped her garner regular earnings throughout the years.


Furthermore, for some part of her career, Leida also worked as a model. She has served as the brand ambassadors for several products.

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