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Lee Cronin Net Worth, Age, Wiki :: Facts on Lydia Bright Boyfriend, Bio, Family
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Lee Cronin is a name that sounds like that of a scientist’s and you are right. Lee is a chemist who is very famous in pop culture due to his witty and outspoken tweets. But we are not going to talk about that scientist Lee but an actor Lee.

Another Lee is an actor Lee who is a boyfriend of Lydia Bright and is all over the internet right now because of his split fro Lydia. But today, let’s get to know more about Lee here. And to make it clear again, if you are thinking this is about the chemist- Lee you are wrong. We are talking about Lee, the actor.

Lee Cronin Net Worth – $5 million

According to certain sites on the internet, Lee Cronin net worth is about $5 million and that’s an impressive sum of money to be worth. I mean any money is impressive for me because I am one broke student.

But most of the actors have that net worth if they have worked for some time. However, there are actors who spend all their life away also waiting for tables. But Cronin is not one of them. He has managed to be worth $5 millions with an acting career and that’s impressive.

Lee Cronin Age 31 years


Lee is 31 years as of 2019 and we have confirmed this info from an internet site.

I mean, I sometimes don’t get people’ fixation over the celebrity’s age but that happens. I guess it’s not that good to be obsessed with another human being unless that human being also is the same- that’ called love. But somehow, this unhealthy thing happens. But what the hell, I am all for it because my livelihood depends on it.

Lee Cronin’s Wiki

Lee is a British businessman, social media personality and celebrity spouse. Naturally, he is more known to the world as the boyfriend of Lydia Bright. Or I guess sadly, it’s an ex-boyfriend of Lydia now.

He was born in 1988 in Essex, England. He is of Caucasian descent and follows Christianity faith. The details regarding his education are not available to the world.

Lee Cronin apparently stands at 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 75 kilograms. And if you are an American, he weighs 165 pounds and is 173 centimeters tall. I mean not following SI units and still claiming to be world leader…America are you looking at yourself?

Okay, let me not start beef with Americans here. But on the hindsight, I couldn’t start a beef with Americans because they’ll just eat it. A nation of obese people. But I love the USA.

Someone is holding a gun at my face I am writing this. Pretty American thing to hold a gun I guess. But let’s just get on with Lee here.

Lee Cronin’s Interesting Facts

  • He has actually passed a Bachelor’s degree. we don’t know the college but we have deciphered that he has studied till that level.
  • Cronin’s favorite holiday destination is Australia and his favorite color is Black.
  • He enjoys Continental food a lot and loves reading a lot.