Leandra K. Gonzalez Wiki, Age (Fetty Wap Wife) Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth, Family

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Leandra K. Gonzalez Wiki, Age (Fetty Wap Wife) Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth, Family

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Leandra K. Gonzalez has been on the news for some days. After she gave signs of her marriage with popular popular American rapper and singer, Fetty Wap, she has been making on the news recently. Leandra is an Instagram model as per the internet and these days, she is popular as Fetty Wap’s wife.

Leandra K. Gonzalez Wiki

Well, since she has been noticeable only after her marriage to Fetty, there has not been a lot of information about her on the internet. Leandra is from Canada.

According to Wikipedia, Leandra K. Gonzalez has a dark complexion and has a healthy body. Although a lot of her work details are not available, she is supposedly an Instagram model.

Despite this claim on the internet, she does not have a lot of posts on her personal Instagram. She has only 8 posts as of now. Some of which include her husband Fetty in it and some are her own pictures.

Leandra K. Gonzalez must be in her 20s. Her actual age is not disclosed

Now that Leandra has been married to a celebrity, people might want to know everything about her. But, at present, there is almost nothing available that can help you get to know her a little bit.

Having said that, she recently celebrated her birthday (late birthday though), with her friends. She posted a picture showing the love of her husband for her.

For her birthday, Fetty sent her 300 roses while he was in Germany.


Though we do not know Leandra K. Gonzalez’s age, we know that Fetty Wap is 28 years old as of 2019.

Leandra K. Gonzalez and Fetty Wap married secretly. She was Fetty’s Girlfriend prior to the marriage

Some people like to keep the events of their life pretty much of a secret. And Fetty and Leandra fall on this category. The couple registered themselves as husband and wife not very long ago.

According to the internet, Leandra K. Gonzalez and Fetty Wap secretly married in August 2019.

Leandra let the news out through her Instagram story. She posted a section of her marriage registry copy which clearly proved their relationship.

Leandra posted a picture of their marriage certificate

Fetty Wap, whose real name is Willie Junior Maxwell II is a rapper, singer and songwriter. He is very popular for his single, Trap Queen. Also, Fetty is very popular for, his relationships with women. He has 7 children of his own from 6 women. However, Leandra is not the mother of any of her kids.

Leandra and Fetty made their first public appearance together at MTV’s Video Music Awards recently. They were friends before they started dating.

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How tall is Leandra K. Gonzalez Height? She looks shorter than her husband.

As said earlier, Leandra is still a mystery woman. While there is a lot to we want to know about her, almost nothing is available for us to know. This includes the figures for her height and weight as well.

Comparing her to her husband, Leandra K. Gonzalez looks quite shorter than him when she is not wearing heels. Fetty is 6 feet and 1 inch tall.

Without heels, Leandra must be around 5 feet and 6 inches tall.

Leandra’s Net worth is off the record

At the moment, there is no information on Leandra’s work and income. But if she is a model, she must be earning well for herself.

Besides, Leandra’s husband Fetty has an estimated net worth of $8 Million as of 2019.

Leandra’s Family is also a mystery like herself

As Leandra is very much of a mysterious woman, we are yet to find the information on her family. Hence, let’s take the proof of her marriage with Fetty Wap and consider him as her family for now.