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Lazar Angelov is a famed Bulgarian bodybuilder and personal fitness instructor. Lazar Angelov, the man behind the creation of Lazar Angelov Diet and LA7 Gym has now emerged as a social media sensation with 6 million followers on sole Instagram.

Quick Info:

  • Birthday: September 22, 1984 (Age 33)
  • Ethnicity:  N/A
  • Nationality: Bulgarian  
  • Profession: Bodybuilder and fitness instructor

Lazar Angelov Family

Lazar, 33 is yet unmarried relishing a single blissful life. Since he is busy in his career with multiple national and international fitness projects at the time, Lazar doesn’t seem to get married anytime soon.

Lazar, a worldwide famous fitness buff was born and raised in Sofia Bulgaria. Being an unacquainted figure to the audience with no high-profile background, information relating to his parents and early life has not been discovered yet.

Quick Info:

  • Parents: N/A
  • Wife: N/A
  • Children: N/A
  • Marital Status: Unmarried

Information regarding her academic qualification and educational background has also not been revealed yet.

He was a pro basketball for 10 years in his youth during which Lazar led his team to triumph in various seasons. Positioned as a point guard, he was reckoned as one of the best players in the squad.

Enthused and passionate about fitness and workout since childhood, he joined National Sports Academy ‘Vasil Levski’ in Bulgaria to earn a certificate in personal training after a year in the military.

Ever since he has specialized in the physical training and fitness, Lazar has never witnessed participating in any other activities.

Wherever, he goes-be it on the beach or any romantic destination, he is forever with his fitness apparatus. With no romantic rumors sparked on media, it seems like the 33-years-old fitness trainer is yet single and currently focused on his career.

Lazar Angelov Height, Weight and Body Measurements


Lazar Angelov is a fitness expert with chiseled good looks, dashing persona and breathtaking physique.

With a soaring stature of 5 feet 9 inches and athletic body followed defined abs and burgeoning biceps, Lazar has become the most esteemed fitness trainer of all.

With his debonair good looks and charm, Lazar has reigned the heart of women from all around the world for past 10 years. But still, it’s the sculpted physique of the hunk built out of hardcore workout that has blown the minds of all.

Quick Info:

  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches (179 cm)
  • Body Measurements: N/A
  • Plastic Surgery: N/A
  • Weight: 88 kg (194 lbs)

His sculpted physique with bulging biceps and rock hard abs has made him look buff and virile. Adapted of intense and rigid fitness regimen that demands a lot of physical strength, no easy workout schedule excites him.

His regular workout routine which includes squats, weightlifting, kickbacks and many others has made him so fit and healthy. While it’s a fact that he spends most of his time at the gym, the fitness instructor, however, escapes a spare time to pamper own self with luxurious trips and vacations around the world.

An adventure seeker, he is often spotted working out in a tough environment condition to shape and improve own self.

Lazar Angelov Professional Career

Lazar is a celebrated bodybuilder and fitness expert, who has been several national and international tournaments since 2006. He has also launched his fitness gym LA7 that serves the clients from all around the world.

Career Timeline

  • Since 2006, Lazar has dominated the fitness world by designing various innovative yet vigorous exercise and fitness module
  • With 6 million Instagram followers, he has now become an internet sensation and beloved fitness instructor of all
  • Prior to embarking on a competitive fitness realm, Angelov was in the military where he had a short-lived career
  • To economically sponsor own self, he took the job of a security guard and a personal fitness instructor   
  • He is the founder of Lazar Angelov’s Fitness Academy, specialized in providing fitness tips and instructing physical workout and exercise to the clients  

Lazar Angelov Salary and Net Worth

Lazar’s estimated net worth counts $2 million, garnered through a successful career in fitness. As a creator of popular brand Lazar Angelov Diet and LA7 gym, he has probably garnered massive fortune through his multiple business ventures.

Already named one of the most popular fitness model and instructor, Angelov has now become a social media phenomenon with millions of followers on Instagram and Facebook. Following his popularity and fame, Lazar has landed in multiple music videos and brand endorsements.  

Quick Info:

  • Net Worth: $2 million
  • Salary: N/A