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Law Offices of James Scott Farrin: Wiki, Settlements Net Worth, Age
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As with any professional platform, every industry has its own attorneys, who are popular in their own right. Among the greatest American lawyer of this time, is arguably James Scott Farrin.

Mr. James is a licensed and personal injury lawyer based in North Carolina. He is popular for the success of ‘The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin’, of which he’s the founder.

One of his most famous advocacy and defense has to be the ‘In Re Black Farmers Discrimination Litigation’. He spent six years and a significant amount of his personal fund on the case.

The case finally settled in 2013 as still refers it to as ‘the case of a lifetime’. As James continues to advocate cases that bring a difference to society, the firm today employs over 40 attorneys.

Additionally, the law firm has over 150 professional staffs which include a string of NC Board Certified Attorney.

Farrin’s one decorated man with numerous accolades and awards to his name. The American Association for Justice’s Leaders Forum’s member, he is the 2011 Citation of Excellence Ebbie Award.

As James career thrive aren’t confined, go through this article to learn more about him!

James Scott Farrin’s Wiki and Age

According to his personal websites, James sees himself as a fuse of his two amazing parents.

His father is an accomplished international marketing/sales professional.

Meanwhile, his momma is a strong spiritual woman who became an ordained Presbyterian minister at 70.

While James Scott Farrin doesn’t have his Wiki page, we can’t report on his age of whereabouts whatsoever.

But, it’s true that he had a very nomadic childhood due to his father’s career demand.

The Farrin’s family resides in nine foreign countries all through the Pacific Rim, Europe & North America. Regardless of a wayfaring upbringing, he loves living in North Carolina.

His family which includes his beautiful wife and their two daughters currently resides in Orange County. His two adult step-children from the previous relationship live in NYC & Washington, DC.

Amongst the book-worm, James studied philosophy from Trinity College. He further obtained his J.D. from Duke University School of Law with honors.

When it was about selecting a career, he chose law not for ‘legal theory’ but as a tool to help others.

Besides working, he enjoys playing golf, watching Duke Blue Devils, quality family time and recreational travel. He is also a fitness freak!

How much is Law Offices of James Scott Farrin’s Net Worth?


James Scott Farrin is one of the popular American lawyers. His profession put him in a great, steady spot as he certainly is one of the wealthiest lawyers lately.

While there’s no official figure to James Scott Farrin’s net worth, his reported salary is $54 thousand, reports.

James began his career in the Los Angeles area and spent 5-years serving at top firms there. While he loved the intellectual and investigative challenge, he felt emotionally detached initially.

However, that changed when he moved to Durham in 1995 and became the part of an insistent ad campaign.

Fast forward today, he recognizes as one of the top personal injury lawyer and business. Moreover, he certainly earns a whopping fortune from his ‘The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin’.

He found the respective law firm back in 1997 and since it’s been a smooth sail!