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Lauren Salzman Wiki, Net Worth (Nancy Salzman Daughter) Age: After years of controversy, speculations, and news, NXIVM case key suspect Lauren Salzman has finally pleaded guilty to have involved in an infamous organization where women were recruited and induce into a sex slave.

As soon her association in the misdeed was confirmed, Lauren made headlines in every tabloid and news magazine hence, getting own wiki page isn’t far from her.

Lauren Salzman Net Worth

Named second in the list to be pleaded guilty in Nxivm case, Lauren Salzman net worth and annual salary haven’t been disclosed yet.

Yet, working at the company where women were coerced into wrongdoings since years might have earned Salzman a hefty sum of cash.

In fact, the business was founded and run by former equestrian and daughter of business magnate and billionaire Clare Bronfman.

Lauren Salzman Bio


Lauren Salzman Wikipedia: Born to Nancy Salzman and Dr. Michael Salzman, Lauren is one of the first two to be pleaded guilty in Nxivm case which involved sex racketing scheme.

Her mom Nancy is the founder of the multi-level marketing firm in Albany, New York where women were forced in labor. She was charged guilty in the racketing illicit conspiracy on March 13, 2019, which was three weeks before Lauren was charged guilty in the offense.  

According to her bio, it appeared that Lauren Salzman mother admitted to enslaving women and forcing them in unlawful activity and misconduct for two years. Since confirming the felony, Nancy wept in the courtroom for being a disappointment to her parents and even causing trouble to her daughter.  

Nancy who was a practice nurse and a therapist was one of the key members in the company which had been running a sex racket for years before it came to public attention.

Apart from the details of her mom, Lauren also has a sister Michelle Salzman whose identity is yet a secret to the world. She hasn’t spoken or even discuss the details of her sister on the public having maintained a secret profile of her private life.

She hasn’t even spoken candidly about her dad who has maintained an aloofness from the media limelight and attention.

Lauren Salzman Age – 42

Born in 1976, Lauren Salzman current age is 42. She came to the public eye after being acknowledged as one of the members of NXIVM, a marketing company where women were hired and compel to sex slave.

After the reports of wrongdoing came out public, Lauren along with her mom Nancy Salzman and the founder of NXIVM Clare Bronfman was detained and charged with the felony before pleaded guilty in a federal court hearing in Brooklyn.

Lauren and her mom Nancy became the first two to confess their sin as Allison Mack and Keith Raniere are listed to be tried in federal court in 29th April 2019. Mack was accused of influencing and compelling women to work as a sex slave.

The founder of the company Clare was also arrested and charged with the racketing before she filed a petition and was released following a whopping $100 million bail bond.