Lauren Ober Wiki, Age, Family, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Instagram Pics 2019

Lauren Ober

For those of you who have not heard of Lauren Ober, she is the host of Spectacular Failures. She talks about several businesses that experienced failures. And, she tries to find answers for the problems of large magnitude in businesses.

Similarly, she has received several accolades for her performance. Hence, it can be said that she has had a smooth career. But, it is all her hard work that has been paying off.

Moreover, she is a noted speaker as well. And, to date, she has presented at the CIA, American Film Institute, U.S. Department of State, and many more.

From her excellence in her jobs, she has received wide recognition. And, recently, with her business podcast, Spectacular Failures, she has been able to garner good attention.

Lauren Ober Wiki

By now, you have known that she hosts Spectacular Failures. However, before this, she was a reporter and producer for WAMU. In fact, she won an award as a producer for WAMU’s weekly newsmagazine.

In the same way, she is originally from Pittsburgh. But, she lives in Washington, D.C. at present. Talking about her qualifications, she graduated with masters in journalism at Syracuse University.

Lauren Ober Age: 41 years old

There is no info on her age whatsoever. But, according to one of her Instagram posts, she turned 40 years of age last year. So, Lauren is 41 years old as of this year.

So, she might have been born in the year 1978 on the 21st of April. And, her zodiac sign is Taurus.

Lauren Ober’s Family

As of yet, Lauren has never revealed much about her family. She has always kept professional and personal life distinct.

Hence, there is little to no information on her family. But, in some of her Instagram posts, her family members can be seen.

Her mother’s name is Kathy Ober. And, from the photo above, you now know what she looks like. Similarly, she has also posted a few photos with her siblings.

Lauren Ober’s Girlfriend

Lauren Ober has not disclosed her relationship status. Maybe because she does not like mixing business with pleasure. Hence, we are not sure if she has a girlfriend.

However, she seems pretty active on Instagram. So, if she has a girlfriend or if she finds one, hopefully, she will share their photos on Instagram.

But, it is up to her whether she wishes to share it or not.

Lauren Ober Net Worth

According to the internet sources, Lauren’s net worth has not been reviewed to date. But, looking at her career graph, she may have accumulated quite a wealth.

Ober’s Instagram Pics 2019

As I have said earlier, she is quite active on Instagram. Her Instagram bio reads “Host of @failure_show. I’m at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Listen”.

As of yet, she has 1,121 posts. In the same way, she has the followers count of 1289. She is mostly sharing photos of her day to day life.

Sometimes, the posts are of her chilling or hanging out with her friends and family. At times, she posts work-related photos.

It seems like she is a pretty fun-loving person. And, she seems to love spending time with her loved ones. I mean, who doesn’t?

Moreover, she keeps her well-wishers updated with her life through Instagram.