Who is Laura Lasorda Married To? Wiki And Family Details

Laura Lasorda Wikipedia Age, Husband: Who Is She Married To?

Has Laura Lasorda been documented on Wikipedia? Here’s everything you need to know about her.

The global audience well knows Laura Lasorda for being the daughter of a famous baseball pitcher and manager, Tommy Lasorda.

Sadly, the former Dodgers pitcher is no more with us as he died in his home following the cardiopulmonary attack. Even though he was rushed to hospital, he couldn’t last for a long time. 

Laura Lasorda Age explored

Laura Lasorda’s current age is also missing from the online sources.

However, looking at her photos, she seems to be at her mid 40’s approximation. Even though she is older, she has the same kind of charms as she used to have during her young age.

Is she available on Wikipedia?

No, Laura Lasorda’s Wikipedia bio is yet to get documented on the web.

Withal, some of the unofficial sites and official sites have published small information related to her personal life and career.

As of now, Laura Lasorda is yet to get into more spotlight as she is not more famous than her father.

She was born and raised in the city of the United States of America along with her brother, Tom Lasorda Jr.

Both of them have a luxurious life as their father is among the richest athletes in America. 

Laura Lasorda was spotted on or twice on the baseball field with her parents.

Laura Lasorda Husband: Who is she married to?

As per the rumor on the online sources, Laura Lasorda is married to her beloved husband. However, his name is yet to be disclosed.

Moreover, the couple is blessed with a child. They have a wonderful daughter. Her name is Emily Tiss. However, her age is yet to be known.

She is living her normal life with her husband and children in her hometown.