Laura Cheadle

Laura Cheadle is a singer and performer who was influenced to sing at the age of singing. Since then, she has sung a lot of songs and has performed in a lot of live shows. Moreover, her songs mostly consist of graceful lyrics and sensual music. She writes and sings songs about love, lust, and everything in-between.

Also, she has a talent for effortlessly commanding the attention of her listeners with her songs. According to Laura, the main reason for her to start singing was that she was heartbroken, and she thought that the guitar was her only companion at that time.

Name Laura Cheadle
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Singer, Songwriter
Instagram @lauracheadlemusic
Twitter @LauraCheadle
Youtube lauracheadle
Facebook @LauraCheadleMusic

10 Facts About Laura Cheadle

  1. Laura Cheadle’s age is 34 years old as she was born in 1986. However, there is no information about her exact date of birth and birthplace in the media.
  2. According to her bio, Laura Cheadle is a self-taught guitarist, and she has unique chord progressions. Moreover, her wiki also says that she never fails to stop at least a few people in the crowd who are unaccustomed to her fingerpicking.
  3. Laura Cheadle is a singer and songwriter who writes her own lyrics and sings the song. Her songs are mainly related to love and lust.
  4. Her musical style was bubblegum pop previously. However, at the age of 16, her musical style changed from bubblegum pop to soul with rock/pop.
  5. There is no information about the height, weight, and body measurements of Laura Cheadle. Moreover, there is also no information about the nationality of Laura Cheadle.
  6. Laura Cheadle has also not revealed any information about her love life, which means there is no information about her boyfriend.
  7. According to her, when she got heartbroken at the age of 16, the guitar was the only thing that allowed her to become more introspective and relay her feelings to the world.
  8. She has created her own unique style of song-writing by giving rock/pop a soulful twist with a splash of blues.
  9. This singer-songwriter stepped on the stage to sing a song at the age of 4. Moreover, she has also worked in some short moviesHowever, Laura Cheadle has not revealed her net worth.
  10. Laura Cheadle is active on Instagram as @lauracheadlemusic. She has shared 2458 posts and has 29.4 thousand followers on her Instagram account.