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Gone But Not Forgotten – the death of Larry Cohen has to the greatest loss to moviegoers in 2019. On March 23, Saturday night the world was stuck with grief after hearing the loss of such a great mind.

As the world mourns over the loss of greatest Hollywood gem, here’s what you need to know about this creator behind ‘Masters of Horror’ TV series.

Larry Cohen – Wiki and Bio

Born in Washington Height, Manhattan, Larry Cohen moved to the Bronx in NYC to pursue his dreams in the entertainment industry.

While in NYC, he graduated from the City College of New York with a major in film studies and started launching himself as an independent filmmaker.

Writer, director, and producer – Larry Cohen, remembered for his work as B-grade movies producer and his later work in directing and screenwriting, originally started his career in small-screen during the golden era of Hollywood i.e. the 1960s.

His domination on filmmaking actually began during the 70s when he wrote and directed the 1974’s smash hit, ‘It’s Alive’, which earned over $7 million and spawned 2-sequels. Another commercial hit movie includes 2002’s ‘Phone Booth’ that he penned.

In recent years, his screenwriting contribution includes such hit as ‘Captivity’ (2007), ‘Masters of Horror’ (2006) and ‘Cellular’ (2004).

You can go through Larry Cohen’s profile on Wiki to have detailed information on his legacy & life!

Larry Cohen Wife – Cynthia Costas, Janelle Webb, and Children


Married twice and father to five lives, Larry Cohen was one busy celebrity who just loved his wife and the children they adore.

Larry Cohen, who worked hard for his own, has let his legacy and fortune for his big, blended family.

Larry walked down the aisle for the first time pretty young! He was only 23 when he married his sweetheart Janelle Webb (actress) in 1964 and remained her husband till 1987.

Throughout their 23-years of nuptials, the two welcomed five children; Jill Gatsby, Bobby Cohen, Louis Cohen, Melissa Cohen, and Pam Cohen.

At the time, the filmmaker was married to his second wife, Cynthia Costas, and the two never had any child of their own.

Larry’s family isn’t the one grieving over the demise of famed director; countless celebrities and friend are also remising their memories & deepest condolence in his honor.

Larry Cohen’s Cause of Death: The Writer-Director Died in 2019

Larry Cohen, a revered name in the horror-genre movies popular for directing such classics as ‘The Stuff’, ‘Gold Told Me To’ and ‘It’s Alive’ has died at age 77. His close friends and family members confirmed the news via a post on his official Facebook page.

His departed soul passed on Saturday in Los Angeles and was surrounded by his beloved wife, children, and loved ones! People are still broken-heart over the unexpected demise of Mr. Larry on March 23, 2019.

And, it’s quite understandable that family seeks patience and privacy in this hard time. Likely to have died of natural grounds, the actual cause of his death is yet to be revealed. However, considering his old age, it has to be his declining health!      

Larry Cohen Net Worth – Was his worth above $5 Million Dollars.

As of 2019, Larry Cohen’s net worth is still under reviews. And, now that he is gone, the figure of his personal wealth remains a mystery on itself. But, the impact he made on cinema & television will be felt forever!

Cohen’s source of wealth came from being a producer and screenwriter. So, how much money did the late sci-fi film director made throughout his career? And, what was his actual net worth at the time of his death?

However, overlooking his commercially successful years in Hollywood, he must have amassed a hefty fortune from his producing, directorial and screenwriting career.