Lance Armstrong | Biography

Winning the celebrated Tour de France, a cycling award for the seven consecutive years, the passionate and courageous Lance Armstrong created the history as one of the world renowned athletes, portraying oneself professionally as a cycling legend until his career shattered due to a doping scandal. In 2002, the Sports Illustrated cited him “Sportsman of the Year”.

Legendary cyclist who took birth as Lance Edward Gunderson on 18th of September 1971 is professionally renowned as Lance Armstrong. He started the journey of his life in Methodist Hospital in Plano, Texas. Son of a secretary, Linda Gayle and The Dallas Morning News’ route manager, Eddie Charles Gunderson, Lance was mostly raised by his mom, who was wedded twice with subsequent divorces. Growing up in Dallas’ suburbs side, Lance demonstrated interest in athletics at a quite tender age. By the age of thirteen, he was already competing in triathlons. Professional triathlete by age sixteen, Lance discovered that his love for cycling is more than swimming and running, thus began focusing solely on his new found love. His star started to sing more brightly when he was noticed by the national cycling took and invited him to work out along with them. At that time, Lance was still in high school.

Lance met his future wife Kristin Richard in June of 1997. Smitten by each other, the couple soon decided to change their love into lifetime commitment, tying knot on 1st of May 1998. As Lance had banked his sperm before chemotherapy, the pregnancy became possible. They have three children together. The love between the couple began the fade and their relationship ended on divorce in 2003. In the late 2003, he hooked up with singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow. Their engagement was called in 2006 after they ended their relationship. His relationship with designer Tory Burch ended in October 2007. While attending the charity events, he met his future beau Anna Hansen. The couple started dating in July 2008. By the end of 2008, they announced that they were pregnant. He has properties in Aspen, Colorado and Austin, Texas. In the Texas Hill Country, he has a ranch. At age 25, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which was spread to his abdomen, lungs and brain. He won the battle with cancer in 1997 and official announcement was made in February of same year. As a survivor of cancer, he felt the need of doing supporting cancer victims, thus established a foundation named “Livestrong” which was launched in 2003.

In 1991, Lance continued to grab the National Amateur Cycling Championship. That same year, he won his first 2 major races: Thrift Drug Classic and First Union Grand Prix. However after that, he experienced some down fall, like finishing on 2nd place at the United States time trials and fourteenth at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. But he soon returned to form, winning the United States Cycling’s Triple Crown the following year. Earning the World Race Championships title in Norway, he became the youngest cyclist to do so. As year passed, Lance took part in a number of cycling events, winning several titled, including the famed Tour de France, Belgian Classic Fleche Wallone and Classico San Sebastian to name a few. After beating testicular cancer, Lance made a splendid comeback & won Tour de France, a cycling award for the seven consecutive years from 1999 to 2005. After retiring in 2005 as cyclist, eh returned to the game in 2009 Tour de France and finished at 3rd place. Accused of using performance-enhancing substances in June 2012 by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, Lace is presently banned from cycling for lifetime. Following his confession of using dope while participating in the Tour de France tournaments, his all seven titled were stripped. He also lost hi Olympic Bronze Medal in 2000.

In addition to his cycling career, Lance has tried his hands on business as well. In downtown Austin, Texas, he opened a coffee shop named “Juan Pelota Café”. He bought a number of million dollars of stock in 2008 in the SRAM Corporation, the American bicycle part manufacturer. He as well holds some share of Trek Bicycle Corporation. His net worth is reported to be one-hundred and twenty-five million dollars. More information is available in wiki.