Benji McConkey and Britney Waters McConkey: Ladd McConkey Parents

Ladd McConkey's parents are Benji McConkey and Britney Waters McConkey.

Ladd McConkey is an excellent American football player who plays for the Georgia Bulldogs football team.

He was born in the athletic family to the former outstanding player at Dalton High School, Benji McConkey. 

Ladd McConkey Age and Height

The age of a young football player is still not disclosed.

From his pictures on Instagram, Ladd looks like he is in his late teen to early 20s. He is playing for the Georgian Bulldog football team of Georgian University.

Ladd McConkey is 6 feet tall, weighing about 185 lbs.

Is Ladd McConkey On Instagram?

Ladd McConkey is available on Instagram as @ladd.mcconkey. He already has got 5462 followers with 48 posts by September 20, 2021.

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Ladd posts several pictures with his friend@sydneyhorne on Instagram.

 Ladd posts several pictures of his pictures showing himself playing football. 

Ladd is also present on Facebook; as @Ladd McConkey, he posts his pictures with his family on his Facebook.

Ladd McConkey Bio

Currently, Ladd is playing for the Georgia Bulldogs Football team.

A young, excellent football player, Ladd McConkey was athletic from early childhood. He has posted his childhood picture with the trophy on Facebook.

His father might have influenced Ladd, or the athletic capacity is also passed to him genetically.

Handsome player Ladd McConkey is at the pace of achieving tremendous success, uplifting the football to another level.

He has not got the page in Wikipedia. But hope he will soon be featured on Wikipedia.

He is currently gaining a lot of public attention due to his excellent football skills.

Ladd McConkey is not related to Phil McConkey.

Having the same Irish surname, McConkey, Ladd McConkey is supposed to be related to Philip Joseph McConkey, former American football player, but it is not so.

Phil McConkey, an excellent player, played for the New York Giants, Green Bay Packers, Phoenix Cardinals, and San Diego Chargers of the National Football League.