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Lachlan Watson Gender ( Boy or Girl) Wiki, Age, Height ( Non-Binary)
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Lachlan Watson is one of the talented young actors from Hollywood. The gender of Lachlan has been topics to several articles, papers. What is the gender of Lachen? to find the answer read the article below.

Lachlan Watson: Gender

Watson has a non-binary gender which made their teenage period hard. As Watson has a non-binary gender the actor prefers to use the gender-neutral term “they”,” them”.

They have faced several problems regarding their unidentified gender. Watson even describes themselves as ” Three-Part Opera Gender Journey”.

Because of unidentified gender, at the age of 13, Watson felt attraction towards girls but unfortunately, that attraction phase didn’t last long.

During that attraction phase, Watson identified their gender as a cisgender lesbian. But after two years Watson started questioning their femininity, Watson discovers themselves as transgender.

This phase was too hard for Watson, they have an emotional breakdown, mental disturbance. They felt incomplete each time they looked at the mirror.

After a lot of time, the actor finally understands their gender and came as non-binary. Watson even goes through the procedure to remove breasts. Watson is proud of their gender. Thus, Watson has a non-binary gender.

Lachlan Watson Age: 18


Born on 12 April 2001, Watson is 18 years old successful actor from North Carolina. Watson, gender never stopped their chasing their dream.

In 2018 they finished her schooling from home. Beautiful Watson holds Caucasian ethnicity.

Height: 5 ft 1 in

Watson stands tall with a beautiful height of 5 feet and 1 inch.

Though Watson has supportive parents they never revealed about their parents. But sources have found that their mother works in theater and encourage Watson to chase their dream.


The actor from a very young age has involved in Hollywood cinemas making their debut in 2013 in The Ultimate Life. Watson even has a cameo appearance in “Nashville” and “Drop Dead Diva” TV series.

In Drop Dead Diva where Watson portrays the character of a transgender boy. The episode received GLAAD Media Award.

After their small roles, Watson auditioned for the Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Watson impressed the crew members and got part for the series.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a hit fantasy horror series. The series received a lot of love from the LGBTQ community because of queer character.

During season 1 they played a character as Susie where her gender wasn’t identified. But in season 2 Susie revealed her gender and came as transgender named Theo.

Susie and Theo’s characters are related to the lives of several people of the LGBT community. As Watson’s character delivers a strong message about the LGBT community their character is loved by many of their fans.

Moreover, it can be said that Watson’s character is among the powerful characters of the series.

Watson is active in their social media accounts. They have more than 550 thousand followers on her Instagram. Moreover, her feed is filled with photos of her and her friends.

Watson being successful at so young age and bold about themselves inspire so many people. For the LGBT community, Watson sets an example and also Watson the voices of many LGBT people.

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They are also working with Unilever’s brand for “United We Stand” initiative.  Therefore, Watson is a source of inspiration for many.