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LaChina Robinson Husband, Age, Net Worth, Married, Height, Boyfriend and Salary
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LaChina Robinson Husband, Age, Net Worth, Married, Height, Boyfriend and Salary. LaChina Robinson Spouse, Birthday, Dating, Family, Kids, Read Also:-

LaChina Robinson could attract anyone with her charm and outspoken quality. She is a basketball analyst and broadcaster by profession. Other than that, she is also a reporter and a wonderful basketball player. She has been a broadcaster for more than 10 years.

LaChina works as a college basketball analyst for ESPN, Fox Sports 1 and FS South. In addition to this, her works include analyzing basketball games for the Atlanta Dream of the WNBA.

She was born in Boston, Massachusetts. However, she moved to another place after the separation of her parents while she was still very young.

As a matter of fact, Basketball was her first love. While she never fails to admit her love for the game, she tried to hide the facts about her real love life.

LaChina Robinson is not a married woman. There is no info about her husband/boyfriend/partner

LaChina who is in her late 30s has not been married yet. She has also not disclosed any information regarding her love life.

But at this age of her life, we certainly can expect that she could have relationships in the past that she is not talking about. Or, she could be in a relationship even now. However, since the information is away from our reach, we can only wait for her to reveal.

LaChina Robinson is 39 years old


Born on October 25, 1980, she LaChina is in her late 30s. She will turn 40 very soon.

This African-American woman is one of the 16 children of her parents. However, the 16 children from her parents are from different partners. In fact, she has 4 other siblings from her biological parents.

Robinson’s mother and father separated when she was very young. And, they were with different partners at different times.

She studied at T.C Williams High School and started playing basketball from 14 years of age. Before that, she used to be a cheerleader at her school. Later, because of her skills in basketball, she got a scholarship at Wake Forest University. She graduated from the university in 2002 in Psychology.

LaChina’s Net Worth could be over $1 Million Dollars

Robinson has been working in the ESPN since 2009 as per her Wikipedia. She has gained a number of experiences and reached where she is today. As an analyst and a broadcaster, she must have earned a great amount of income as well.

Nonetheless, her actual net worth is unknown. But, it is not hard to assume that she has good earning after all these years in this field.

LaChina Robinson’s net worth could possibly be more than $1 million dollars.

LaChina stands as tall as 6 feet and 4 inches

Tall like a Victoria Secret model, but actually an athlete, LaChina has all it takes to conquer the shortcomings of life. She is not only tall physically, but she also has a heart of gold and never hesitates to teach others.

Her great height has been an advantage for her. But, at times, it also has been a disadvantage.

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6 feet and 4 inches tall LaChina has a wonderful personality. If you look at her Instagram pictures and other pictures from the internet, she will always stand taller than most of the people from the pictures.

Other than Instagram, we can also find her on Twitter.