L&HH Star Mimi Faust Confirms her Relationship with Tamera Young, Know Their Affairs and Dating

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After having affairs with few men in her life, the famous reality show, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star, Mimi Faust recently changed her relationship preference. Yes! Mimi has now switched her interest from men to women, which have amazed her fans. Nobody knew she was confused about her sexual orientation.


This famous face in Hollywood had been hiding her love affair with a girl for the past few days, which she recently confirmed by herself. She confirmed that she is dating a WNBA player Tamera Young. This news regarding she is lesbian and dating a girlfriend has considerably gained a wide attention by the viewers.

So, let’s dig out all the information about her sexuality. Is she really a lesbian or is it just a publicity stunt? And for that, just stay with us.

Mimi Faust found to be a lesbian after she confirmed her relationship with the WNBA player Tamera Young through her Instagram

Before further narrating this topic, we would first like you to show an Instagram post of Mimi Faust that flamed the news of her being a lesbian. Her dating story with famous basketball player Tamera Young spread up.


Girls be like who’s texting Us..!!! ??????????@ty1gear

A post shared by Mimi Faust (@mimifaust) on

Recently, her bisexuality became officially confirmed after their PDA in social media. Mimi captioned the picture “She keeps me smiling,” the couple seems very happy.

Now, let’s have a look at the video below where the couple went for a dinner on Valentine’s day.

Wow! Now, it’s very clear that Mimi and Tamera are a lesbian couple who are very comfortable with each other’s company.


She Keeps Me Smiling ??@tyyoung11

A post shared by Mimi Faust (@mimifaust) on

The couple seems to enjoy their new romantic life a lot. What do you think, why she made this big decision to date a woman? Maybe it was because of her two broken and messy relationship with two different men; she lost her trust on man.

Faust completely changed her dating perspective, and when she felt comfortable with Tamera Young, she finally decided to date her.

Lesbian Love & Hip Hop star Mimi Faust with her affair girlfriend WNBA player Tamera Young

Love & Hip Hop star Mimi Faust with her girlfriend WNBA player Tamera Young

Source: Hollywoodlife

Now, let’s traveling back in time to know all the information regarding Mimi Faust’s past personal life.

Mimi Faust was previously in the relationship with her ex-boyfriend Stevie J  since 1997, who is an American singer and a television personality. This former couple got linked together in the show Love & Hip Hop.

The couple had been dating each other for over 15 years, but because of some parental issues, they broke up in 2012. Mimi said at that time;

Unfortunately, the man that I decided to have a child with, is a little bit immature. No matter what I do, it’s never good enough for him. If I have Eva with me, he says I’m keeping her from him. There’s no winning [with me], with him. It’s as simple as that.

The couple also has a child; a daughter named Eva Giselle, whom Mimi gave birth on 2010, just before a couple of years of their separation. Eva now seven years old is in the custody of her mother.


Mimi Faust with her ex-boyfriend Steve J. and her child; a daughter named Eva Giselle

Source: thejasminebrand

Sources say that Mimi had an affair with a former football player Chris Gould. Furthermore, that last year on April 14, Mimi released a hardcore sex tape with one of her ex-boyfriends, singer- songwriter Nikko Smith.

We could except that her ex-boyfriends may be amazed by her new decision to date a woman, but we are wondering that how will her daughter Eva Giselle react when finds about this in the future.


Mimi Faust with her daughter Eva Giselle

Like every mother, Faust also loves her child a lot. Faust has engraved her daughter’s name on her hand, a tattoo that shows her love for her daughter.

Let’s wish Mimi a good future with her girlfriend Tamera Young and her daughter Eva. Only time will tell us how long will their relationship last. Keep in touch with Frostsnow for more updates.