Kyler Loves Jesus Tiktok Famous Birthdays, Soundcloud Birthday & Age

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Kyler Loves Jesus Tiktok Famous Birthdays, Soundcloud Birthday & Age

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Kyler Loves Jesus is not an actual name of a person in case you are wondering. It’s a username of a Tik Tok account and a guy uses Tik Tok through that account and is known to his followers through that name. He usually posts the normal stuff that most Tik Tok users put out.

However, recently, he has sparked a controversy as he has said ‘abortion is murder’ and ranted very long about it. I mean, we should have seen this coming as his name is frickin ‘Kyler loves Jesus’. He has sparked a bizarre controversy and let’s get a little more knowledgable about it.

Kyler Loves Jesus Birthday

Kyler looks like a young man from his videos but the actual info regarding his birthday is unknown to the world. He looks like he is in his mid-20’s but te kinda things he’s telling, he seems to be a little baby without any sensibility.

But yeah, it’s tragic but he’s telling all these things and promoting hate in the name of Jesus. People have done that for ages and here we are seeing it again.

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Is Kyler on Soundcloud?

There might be confusion that Kyler loves Jesus also is an active creator on the Soundcloud. For those of you who are unknown about the Soundcloud, it’s a website that allows filmmakers free music to use on their productions.

There are some accounts on the SoundCloud with the username Kyler but it’s not Kyler from the Tik Tok.

Kyler loves Jesus Controversy

As if I have not talked about it enough, let me again start with his controversy that sparked hate from the fans. Recently, Kyler came out with a video on Twitter saying that abortion is an act of ‘mur-ter’ which itself is kinda dumb.

But the people knew and understood what Kyler was saying. He said that abortion was like murder. It was really not a progressive thing to say on Kyler’s part and immature at best. But more than immature, it was hate inducing.

The video that sparked the controversy is kinda old but this is the kinda stuffs he tweets regularly. He is very passionate about Jesus and I can get that but his love for Jesus should not incite hate and division amongst people. I also believe that.

Kyler Loves Jesus and series of Apology videos

After fans lashed him for the video and the inappropriate content, he went on to apologize on many platforms. This guy is supposed to be a Tik Tok star. Just make some cringy kinds of stuff, or some funny stuff, that’s what most Tik Tok users do. All the Tik Tok users here being attractive and earning fans while he has his own game- promoting hate and immature logic.

After the back-lash, he went on different platforms such as Instagram and started apologizing. After all, he had to clear the hate from the fans. And fans were not happy about him even then. The reason is he said something about the LGBTQ community that was not very cool again.

But I don’t think he’s a big threat, he’s just a stupid guy and may his lord have mercy for him and grant him a brain on that empty cranium.