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Kyler Loves Jesus Age, Birthday :: How old is TikTok Star Kyler Loves Jesus in 2019?
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The young social media users definitely know who Kyler Loves Jesus is. For the past couple of years, Tik Tok is a famous platform for posting videos and showing someone’s acting talents. Apparently, Kyler Loves Jesus is one of them.

Kyler Loves Jesus is a web star who is trending due to his controversial videos. Seems like he is a religious youth expressing his ideas on religion and almighty Jesus. Well, it’s not all that, despite his name, he is a real argument giver and talks about different aspects of life.

He is recently trending because of his video about abortion. Well, he criticized the choice of abortion. You don’t want to do that when there are millions of ladies viewing your videos on social media.

Here’s all you need to know about the star, his age, birthday and controversies.

Who is Kyler Loves Jesus?

The name has Kyler in it but there is no information if his real name is Kyler or not. As per his videos, seems like he is born directly by the grace of lord himself.

Well, this is an advanced generation believing in science and nature, not some bluffs that sound funny not facts.

Nonetheless, Kyler has a Tik Tok account with the same name so we assume it’s his real name. Besides, he also has a YouTube account Kyler that also doesn’t share much of the personal information.

For now, his identity besides his name is unknown but will be available near future due to his growing popularity.

Specifically, he is famous for videos about Jesus and that shocking video addressing abortion recently. So, what is the video about and what is he lecturing?

Tajana Sumecki on Twitter shared a video of his story. He talks about the bad sides of abortion in the video. Likewise, he is against abortion mentioning how abortion is about killing a baby.

Apparently, he mentions the word M-U-R-T-E-R which was openly trolled by a large number of viewers. The post was shared onto twitter and many commented on the post. Most of the comments were all funny.

Similarly, he also mentions abortion was legal in 4 states which is a blunder. Some viewers even corrected him for the mistakes and tried motivating him with a sarcastic comment. Well, that was not motivation but a funny way of insult.

As a result, he created a new post apologizing for his video but went on defending himself. Looks like he is amendment about his thoughts.

On the contrary, he had a final post on Instagram once again apologizing in the concern.

When is Kyler Loves Jesus Birthday?


Despite his recent fame, Kyler has not revealed any information about his personal life at present. He has multiple social accounts but none of them reveal his birth date.

As of now, Kyler Loves Jesus’s age, birthday and date of birth is unknown.

How old is he?

As he has not revealed his birth date and year, it is difficult to know exactly how old he is. Nonetheless, he has a number of pictures posted on Instagram with 48.4k followers and can be used to predict his age.

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As per his looks and pictures, he must be in his 20s, probably, early 20s.