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Extremely gorgeous Krysten Ritter born on December 16, 1981 is an American actress, musician and a former model. Although she has worked on dozens of movies, she found the most success through television. She’s best recognized for her role as Jane Margolis on AMC drama “Breaking Bad” and also as Chloe from the hit comedy “Don’t trust the B—in Apartment 23”. Born and brought up from Shickshinny, Pennsylvania Krysten was discovered by a modeling agent at the age of just fifteen.

She started then and there off. Impressed by her work, some of the reputed modeling agencies signed her on. By the time she turned eighteen, she moved to New York. From there, her modeling career just got better. Besides appearing on print ads and television commercials, Krysten received many opportunities to work on magazines, catalog and do runways too. She was iconic as a fashion model, no doubt. However, extremely ambitious Krysten wanted to accomplish more than just that. She decided on changing her professional direction altogether. Krysten stanched on becoming an actor and simply just went ahead with that. Her background as a fashion model may have helped her get roles, but unfortunately those movies barely could do anything for her career. She began her acting vocation probably from the start of 2001. From that point onwards, she just signed on movies one after another. However, none of them turned out to be the blockbuster types. Later on, she started getting more of a supporting role offers. She accepted them gracefully. Some of those movies “What happens in Vegas”, “27 Dresses”, “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, “She’s out of my league” and so on turned out to be a box office hit rather.  Yet, they couldn’t do much to upgrade her career. Krysten then shifted her attention to TV. She started off by making multiple cameo appearances on hit TV shows “One life to live”, “Law & Order”, “Gilmore Girls”, “Til Death” and many more. Year 2009 finally brought her the kind of work and fame she’d waited on for so long.  Her role as Jane Margolis on the second season of “Breaking Bad” earned her many appreciations. After that stint, she went on to work on “Don’t trust the B—in Apartment 23” where she plays the titular character Chloe made her even more iconic. Currently, she’s dividing her time both for movies and TV projects.

Super model of one time, Krysten Ritter definitely carries the supremacy to make eyes pop out. Always fashionable and trendy, Krysten just looks absolute divine whenever she steps out of the house. She’s got one edgy style quotient and she wears it just as smoothly. 5’9 Krysten is one hot leggy beauty. She therefore mostly opts for clothes that show off her beautiful and envious long legs. However, it’s not just the height though; she’s got the figure and attitude that of a firecracker. She looks amazing any day. No matter what she wears, she’s bound to look sexy. Specially, she appears the most rowdy in bikini wear. Since, she is naturally beautiful, she can carry off the nude and no makeup look just as easily. Her dark and black hair definitely has become her signature style measure.

Speaking about her personal life biography, she is not married as of yet. However, she has a boyfriend to keep her accompanied. Since 2011, she’s in relationship with actor Brian Geraghty. Apart from making one good looking couple, they also share a pretty great chemistry. Nevertheless, the two aren’t planning on marriage or anything that’s got to do with long term commitment. Both of them are happy the way things are moving on for now. More such details about her can be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating her.  Her fans can also become her close dial through twitter. Some trivia about Krysten, she plays guitar pretty well. She’s not only a pretty actor, she’s a musician too. Whenever, she gets the opportunity to flaunt that, she does not step back. For her movie Buzzkill (2012), she had written, recorded and performed on a song. She has a total estimated net worth of $ 3 million.