Kristy Glass Drama Explained: What Did She Do?

Kristy Glass has shown an array of disrespectful comments against a fellow knitting creator. 

Creator Adella Colvin has made a lengthy video coming forward with what went down and what she felt at the moment. The Black knitter was invited to Kristy's show. 

Being a long-time acquaintance of Glass's, she accepted the invite. Though, she revealed that she had felt uncomfortable in their first meet. 

She has expressed that despite her hinting at being uncomfortable, Kristy went on with the show. The host made several comments disrespecting her. 

Even after the whole thing was unfolded among the public, Kristy went all out. She released a few screenshots of the creator's conversation with Adella. 

And Adella decided to tell her the truth. 

After the video, Kristy has deleted those screenshots and her account as a whole. 

Things Kristy Glass Said Against Michelle Obama 

Kristy Glass's behavior towards the fellow Black creator is problematic despite whatever evidence she has come forward. 

A whole Reddit has a dedicated thread for the ordeal. However, even with multiple discussions on the topic, nothing has been found on why Michelle Obama's name was dragged. 

Though Kristy's discriminatory actions have been coming with a true testament, her words against Michelle Obama couldn't be found. 

Who exactly is Kristy Glass? 

Kristy Glass is a YouTuber and an avid knitter. She has formed a community online of all the knitting enthusiasts. 

Based on Youtube, the web star has formed multiple channels like a personal website, podcasts, and various social media accounts. 

It was in one of her podcast programs, all of these controversies unfolded. Adella has addressed that she felt disrespected and disregarded despite being from the same work line. 

As per various reports, Kristy has issued an apology regarding the issue. Upon receiving multiple negative comments on the post, she took off her post and her account as a whole from the social site.