Korey Wise Mother Delores Wise: All About Norman Wise Wiki, Age, Death & More

Recently, Netflix released a new show named WHEN THEY SEE US. It is a four-part series. This shows how five boys were involved in the Central Park assault and rape case in 1989.

Korey Wise was one of those five boys. He was 16 years old while the incident happened. However, he never committed his crime but was the one who got the longest punishment. In fact, He was in jail for about 11.5 years. The final episode of the series, which was 90 minutes long, showed the experiences of Korey in prison.

All the five boys were convicted in the rape case of Trisha Meili. However, the real culprit of Trisha was Matias Reyes who admitted his crime in 2002.

Korey Wise Mother Delores Wise

Delores Wise was the mother of Korey Wise. She raised her kids as a single mom after her husband died. However, she threw Norman, who was her son, from her house when he started wearing dresses of girls.

Norman Wise Wiki

Norman Wise was an American born in 1972. He was born in New York, USA. He was a businessman by profession. Norman is the brother of Korey Wise. His father suffered from cancer. As a result, he died in 1996. His mother, Delores wise raised him and his brother.

Norman Wise was homosexual. He was born as a male. But, later he changed his gender and was named Marci Wise. However, he was thrown out from his own house when her mother knew about his sexuality. He was Afro-American by ethnicity. His religion was Christianity.

Norman Wise Age

As of 1999, Norman Wise was of 27 years old. He died in the late 1990s. When he died, his brother Korey was still in prison. Norman was killed because of his sexuality and his skin color.

Norman Wise Death – Late 1990s

In the late 1990s, Norman Wise was killed. As per the Internet, the main reason was his sexuality and racism. He was a transgender and was black.

Norman Wise More

Norman Wise was pretty tall. He was 5 feet 8 inches tall. His weight was about 72 kilograms. Beside Korey Wise, he also had another sibling. He had a transgender sister named Vanity Wise. He was pretty rich as he was a business person. His net worth is $500 thousand USD as of 2019. He had his own house in NYC.

Isis king played the role of Norman Wise in the show WHEN THEY SEE US. Isis is an actress from America. Besides, she is also a model and a designer. In fact, she was the first transgender woman who participated in the show America’s Next Top Model.

In a post on twitter, Vanity thanked Isis for playing the role of her sister Marci(Norman) Wise.

Norman Wise was also a public speaker. In fact, he did many social works as well. He donated $190 dollars in “Innocent Project, Colorado”.

Before the show on Netflix, Sarah Burns already released the book named Central Park Five. The book portrayed the crime. In the show, Niecy Nash did the role of Delores. Similarly, Jharrel Jerome played the part of Korey Wise.