Konnor Legault Age, Height, Parents, Wiki, Girlfriend ( Tik Tok Star)

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Konnor Legault Age, Height, Parents, Wiki, Girlfriend ( Tik Tok Star)

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Tik Tok. You guys have heard about this application right. Youth are crazy about this application. Actually not only youth but adult also use this application a lot. Many people are getting lots of attention from the public because of their work in this application. Let me tell you a little about it Tik Tok. It is the application in which people makes vines show different creativity using voices of celebs and singers too. Actually, you can do a lot in this application and you will enjoy a lot.

You might have already guessed that this article is about some Tik Tok personality. Indeed it is. His name is Konnor Legault. He is a very popular Tik Tok star. Below are some more information about Konnor Legault.

Age (14 years old)

Born in 2019 in Canada, Konnor Legault is 14 years. He was born in the year 2005. He is from Canada. From famousbirthdays.com, we came to know his birthday is on the 12th of May.

Furthermore, if you wonder to know his birth sign then we have it for you. his birth sign is Taurus.

Height – How tall is Konnor?

You might be wondering about the height of Konnor Legault. Especially girls. Sorry to say but we could not find the information about his height. However, looking at his Tik Tok videos, he seems to have a pretty good height.

In addition, he has a slim body. If in the future, we find the information about his body measurements then we surely will update it to you.

Parents, Family

The details of Konnor Legault parents are not available on the internet. However, we can say that they must be very proud because of their son. He is doing very good because of Tik Tok. In addition, he is also getting recognization from his audiences.

The information about his childhood and his academics is not available.

Wiki, Bio

There is not any dedicated wiki page for Konnor Legault. But we do have some pieces of information about his Tik Tok account.

Konnor Legault has his Tik Tok account with his own name i.e. Konnor Legault. According to the statics of his Tik Tok account he has about 78.4k fans. That’s really impressive. He has got the total hearts of about 980k in his overall videos. If you are a Tik Tok fan then make sure to check his video. He is very good it.

Moreover, Konnor Legault is very active in his Instagram. He has about 26.7k followers. As seen on his Instagram posts, he looks like a very fun-loving guy.


Who is his Girlfriend? Dating Life

Konnor Legault has not revealed the information about his girlfriend. However, he has made lots of Tik Tok videos with his girlfriend. In one of his Tik Tok videos, he is also seen kissing her. Talking about his girlfriend, she is very attractive as seen on the video. And she seems to have the same height as of Konnor.