Who Is Koby Abberton? His SAS Australia Journey 

Koby Abberton is a 42-year-old surfer who is going for the selection process of SAS Australia 21. 

He and 27 other celebrities are going for this selection. 

Koby is an Australian professional surfer. He is a member of the Australian surf gang 'the Bra Boys.'

He has received international and national attention in 2007. A full feature documentary Bra Boys: Blood is Thicker than Water was released. It was directed by a member of the gang 'Bra Boys'.

Where is Koby Abberton From? Hometown

Kobby Abberton's hometown is in Maroubra, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He is of Australian citizenship. 

Kobby was born in the south-eastern Sydney beach-side of Maroubra. His mother, Lyn Abberton was a heroin addict. Lyn had a boyfriend. He is involved in criminal activities. 

Abberton had shared a heart-wrenching story. Koby's mother gave a natural birth. And the reason behind this was that Lyn knew she would get in trouble if she goes to a hospital because of her heroin addiction. 

She was severely addicted to heroin. Lyn had given birth to four children. Abberton's brothers are Jai, Sunny, and Dakota Abberton. They are all surfers. 

Who Is Koby Abberton Wife Olya Nechiporenko?

As per Wikipedia, Koby Abberton is engaged to Oly Nechiporenko. 

They are not married. 

Koby and Oly have a son named Sunny Makua Abberton. 

Net Worth Of Koby Abberton 

Koby Abbeton's official net worth is $1.5 million as reported by NetWorthPost

In 2006, Koby had declared bankruptcy. He had debts more than of AUS $1 million.

It included AUS $940,000 to the National Australia Bank, AUS $150,000 to the New South Wales Crime Commission. And AUS $50,000 included legal charges of distorting justice. 

Get Regular Updates From Koby Abberton From His Instagram

Follow Koby Abberton on Instagram, his username is @kobyabberton.

He has got more than 60 thousand people following him on this platform. 

On his bio, he has pinned down the link to his wife's website. 

Koby was quite frustrated with all the rules that are being implemented because of the coronavirus pandemic. He had kept a short video on Instagram. It was of two police officers saying not to sit on the beach. 

He captioned, "Sun baking is now an offense at Maroubra beach?"