Kiyan Carmelo Anthony is the reason his parents are together

Well, Kiyan's parents were on the verge of splitting up. Following the rumors of Carmelo cheating on La La with another girl, the two started living separately in 2017. And, La La had decided to file a  divorce. However, in the same year, after Carmelo cleared out the issues, they were reportedly together again. As a matter of fact, the rumors about this couple's separation and togetherness are normal. They have given these things to talk about a couple of other times as well. But, at present, the two are together for their son. They go to watch their son's matches and stand with him as a unit. Thus, as of now, there's no chance for the divorce. Let's see where they like to go. They married each other in front of 320 guests in New York on July 10, 2010. Kiyan was born 3 years before their marriage.

Mom La La Anthony

Different from Carmelo, La La is active in the entertainment industry. She has done a few modeling assignments. But, people noticed her as a VJ for reality television shows on MTV. Also, she has done guest appearances in a lot of movies. One of the most popular is a CBS crime drama, NYC 22. In 2014, she released her first book, The Love Playbook. This book was on the number 1 of The New York Times Best Seller List.

<strong>Kiyan's father Carmelo Anthony</strong>

Carmelo Anthony used to play for Houston Rockets at the National Basketball's Association. However, at present, he is a free agent. People also think that this might be the time for his retirement. He is 35 years old at present. He is known for his great skills in basketball. Also, he is very much keen to pass his skills to his son.

Kiyan's parents come together for their son. About his family and parents

By this time, you know that Kiyan is the son of talented basketball player Carmelo Anthony. Moreover, his mother is also an actress. She is La La Anthony. La La is commonly known as a television personality, a producer, an author, and an actress. Alongside this, she is a mom of this talented 12-year old boy.

Kiyan Carmelo hopefully will be as tall as his father who is 1.98 m

There's no doubt that Carmelo Anthony as a basketball player is very tall. Similarly, his son Kiyan, following his path plays basketball and is very tall. Although his actual height has not been specified as of now, anyone can say that he will grow to be one tall man. Kiyan Carmelo Anthony's father, Carmelo is 6 feet and 6 inches tall. On the other hand, his mother, La La is 5 feet and 5 inches tall. Well, if a child acquires his height from his/her father, then Kiyan will be certainly as tall as his father when grows up.

Kiyan Carmelo Anthony is 12 years old. About his birthday

Kiyan was born on March 7, 2007, in New York. His father is a basketball player and mother is an actress. Kiyan's father posted a lovely message on his own Twitter account for Kiyan's birthday.