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Kirstie Ennis Wikipedia, Boyfriend, Age - All About Former US Marine & Body Issue
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If you are a person who likes to search for motivational stories on the internet, then I am sure you must have heard about Kirstie Ennis. Recently, she received the Pat Tillman Award for Service 2019.

A couple of years back, she came up with an inspirational picture with ESPN. In the picture, we can see her rock-climbing with a prosthetic leg. Isn’t that something that makes you want to do something extraordinary life?

Well, that’s truly inspirational. We will be exploring the different aspects of Kirstie Ennis’s life in this story. So, stick with us to the end to know more about her.

Kirstie Ennis Wiki

Unfortunately, we were unable to find Kirstie on Wikipedia. However, that didn’t stop us from gathering information about her. After all, you all know how much we love our readers.

Coming back to the point, let’s talk about Kirstie Ennis. So, as our sources tell us, Kirstie used to be a US Marine. The Marines are one of the toughest people. Thus, you can be sure that Kirstie is a daring person.

Ennis’s parents were also marines. When she was seventeen, Kirstie was enlisted out of Florida in the year 2008. She served as a helicopter door gunner and airframes mechanics for about six years.

But an unfortunate accident took away her leg. The disastrous event happened in her life on 23 June 2012.

During her second deployment to Afghanistan, the helicopter that Ennis was on, crashed. Because of that crash, she suffered from multiple injuries in the brain, face, spine, shoulders and other body parts.

Finally, the doctors had to amputate her left leg below the knee. The amputation completed in 2015. According to Ennis, she went through 44 different surgeries during that period.

Kirstie Ennis Age


According to a source, Kirstie Ennis is currently 28 years of age. The exact birth date of her is not available on the internet as of now.

Kirstie Ennis Boyfriend

According to a source, Kirstie is in a relationship. And the name of her boyfriend is Brian Meyer. It seems that Brian is also a wounded warrior like Kirstie. Well, that is the term they use to describe people like Kirstie and Brian.

There is also a facebook page that is dedicated to disabled people like them, who want to have an adventure.

Body Issue

As we have already talked, Kirstie Ennis lost got injured in an accident and she is an amputee. However, this has not stopped her from living her an adventurous life. Rather it seems that her life began after the accident.

At the present time, Kirstie Ennis is not only a source of inspiration and motivation for other people like herself. She has also made an identity for herself in different sectors.

She plays para-snowboard, rowing, swimming, cycling and many more. And she says she would also like to climb the highest peaks of the seven continents. Ennis also likes rock climbing and hunting.

Apart from that, she is also a business owner and a public speaker. “There’s no reason to give up”, that’s her motto.