Kim Raver | Biography

American-born actress, Kim Raver has scored phenomenal popularity in the showbiz world for playing on popular prime-time television dramas like ‘Third Watch’ and ‘24’. There’re numbers of television and big-screen productions that have raised her credits. As a whole she has been regarded as the great assets of the American entertainment industry. Alongside her acting talents, long face and delicate features of Raver has become more recognizable factor to her viewers.

As Kimberly Jayne Raver, she took birth during the year 1969 on 15th March in New York, United States. She was brought up by her caring mother, Tina Raver with support of her step-father named Chris Meltensen. She grew up with her sister named Cybele Raver and 5 half-siblings including 3 sisters: Aimee, Grace and Najda Raver and 2 brothers: William and Jacob Raver. She completed her schooling from Northfield Mount Hermon School. Learned from her German-born mother, she has developed her fluency in German and French language.

Kim Raver is a married woman. She has succeeded in prolonging her warmth with her husband; Manuel Boyer since 2000. The couple had welcomed their first child, a son named Luke West Boyer in 2002. She has never mixed her personal life with professional life but has always tried to maintain separately without harming both. She maintained her work and family at the time of her second son, Leo Kipling Boyer’s birth in 2007, when she was working in series ‘Lipstick Jungle’. She is very determined and hard-working persona, whose attempts has always attained the desirable success.

Very long before Raver blossomed into a graceful beauty, she began her career at the age of six as a performer in ‘Sesame Street’, a children’s show. Her supportive parents helped her in finding her spots in the off-Broadway theatre project. By the time she was 18, she joined Boston University to pursue for fine arts degree. And then Boston University graduate, Raver joined theater classes in New York to hone her acting skills as acting has been her dream since her childhood days. Joining the cast in 1975, she remained performing in the show ‘Sesame Street’ for three years. Then in the gateway of her adult career, she had featured in commercials for Jeep and Visa. Her very first prominent role as an adult actress was in 1995 play ‘Holiday’ in which she starred alongside Tony Goldwyn and Laura Linney. She had made her appearance in feature movie ‘City Hall’ along with Al Pacino in 1996. She had then co-starred with David Schwimmer and John Spencer in the Williamstown Theatre Festival’s production ‘The Glimmer Brothers’. Joining the cast in the fall of 1990s, she had outstandingly portrayed in the role of Kim Zambrano in the series ‘Third Watch’ till 2005. Then, she had played the role of Audrey Raines in the sitcom ‘24’ from 2004 to 2007. She had performed in a role in the ABC TV series ‘The Nine’ during 2006. But the show was cancelled despite scoring the positive reviews. She had joined series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s 6th season cast for the recurring role of Dr. Teddy Altman but after some time in 2010, she had become series regular on sitcom. She has regularly portrayed in three seasons of the sitcoms. In addition to these, she has played starring roles in various sitcoms like as Nico Reilly in ‘Lipstick Jungle’, as Kathryn Hale in ‘The Nine’ and Audrey Raines in sequel to ‘24’ i.e. ’24: Live Another Day’. She has appeared in recurring role as Julia Neville in television series ‘Revolution’ from 2012 to 2014. Her film career hasn’t blossom like her career in television. However, she has starred in several movies like ‘Martin & Orloff’, ‘Keeping Your Distance’, ‘Mind the Gap’, ‘Night at the Museum’, ‘Prisoner’ and others. Additionally, she has guest-starred in numbers of television shows like ‘Law & Order’, ‘The Practice’, ‘Trinity’, ‘Spin City’, ‘ER’, ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ and many more. Numerous popular shows have made her a household name.

Raver has earned much more worth, name and fame being indulged into the showbiz world. Her career has already spanned four decades and within this time she has fulfilled the great responsibility of entertaining the whole world. There’re lots more fans loving her ravishing looks and mind-blogging performance. Someone being interested about her can learn her detailed biography in wiki. Similarly, they can visit her in her fan pages in Facebook and Twitter.