Kiki Passo Net Worth, Age :: Tate Martell Girlfriend Name and Picture, Wiki, Bikini, Feet

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Kiki Passo Net Worth, Age :: Tate Martell Girlfriend Name and Picture, Wiki, Bikini, Feet

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If you are a fan of Tate Martell, be ready to hear a piece of disappointing news. Well, he will not be a starting quarterback for Miami Hurricanes this season. Kiki Passo is particularly sad about it.

Kiki Passo is an Instagram star and a Brazillian bikini model. However, she resides in Miami and attends the University of Miami.

She is famous as an emerging Instagram model with her mesmerizing figure. Moreover, she has made headlines after a recent revelation that she is Tate Martell’s girlfriend.

Who is Kiki Passo? Her net worth, age, Instagram, pictures, bikini, feet and more. Here’s all you need to know.

What is Kiki Passo net worth in 2019?

The social media influence is clinical these days. Since a platform like Instagram is major advertisement sources, Instagram star make a decent income.

Kiki Paso has emerged out of nowhere and has an excellent influence on her followers. The star has almost a million (exactly 869k) followers on her account till the date.

Kiki’s Instagram mostly features beach and bikini modeling. Moreover, she also shares some of the photos of her boyfriend and herself.

As of 2019, Kiki Passo has a net worth of $500,000 as per Although the amount looks very low, she is just ready to amaze the world.

The young prospect will make millions coming year.

How old is Kiki?

Born in 1997, Kiki Passo is 22 years old as of 2019. Despite the tender number on her age, she already looks to amaze the world with her modeling skills and talent.

Tate Martell and girlfriend

Almost every football fan supporting Miami Hurricanes know exactly who Tate Martell is. To jog your memory, he is a young Quarterback from 2019 Rose Bowl.

Tate is a 21-year-old quarterback in American football playing for Miami Hurricanes. However, it looks like he is opting to transfer. The rumor hit hard when Miami declared his fellow QB Jarren Williams will be starting quarterback net season.

The California-born footballer played since his high school. Likewise, he played for Ohio State University and joined Miami Hurricanes on January 15, 2019.

Similarly, Miami granted a waiver after his NCAA controversy later in 2019. Besides, the 21-year-old would like to develop his career and move elsewhere.

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first day out..

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The only thing to hang onto in Miami is his girlfriend Kiki Passo. The hot couple shared a couple of photos on Instagram. The post clearly implies they have been dating for about 4 months.

Kiki is urging her boyfriend to stay at Miami. Maybe that will pursue him to be part of Miami Hurricanes for the upcoming season.

Kiki Passo wiki

Born in Brazil, on May 19, 1997, Kiki was a fashion enthusiast since her childhood. She was lured towards modeling since school days and decided to pursue her career forward.

Although she has not mentioned about parents and childhood, she attended her high school in Brazil. Likewise, She recently attends the University of Miami and is on the verge of graduation.

Alongside her education, she has been modeling as an Instagram star. Her notable appearances include bikini modeling for  Daily Caller and Boutine LA. Her road forward is full of fame and achievements.

Kiki Passo Picture, Bikini, Feet

Kiki Passo is basically a beach and bikini model. Her Instagram pictures clearly say everything. The star is famous for her hourglass figure and perfect feet.

Looks like she has a bright future as a feet model as well.