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Ken Corsini Net Worth: reports that Ken Corsini and his wife Anita Corsini have an estimated net worth of $ 12 Million.

The pair’s net worth is on the rise yearly and they have increased their net worth by $ 4 Million than last year. Since their show ‘Flip or Flop Atlanta’ has been a massive success, it is no surprise that they make a good sum of money through their profession. The pair have reportedly sold more than 600 houses in their career. This suggests that money is not a problem for them.

Ken Corsini’s Age (41 Years)

Ken Corsini is 41 years old and was born in 1976. His wife Anita is a year older than her husband and was born in 1977.

She was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, and her husband was born in California.

What is Ken Corsini’s Height?


Ken Corsini has a height of 1.83m. His wife is seen to be a lot shorter than her husband in photos. She reportedly has a height of 5 feet 6 inches.

Both Ken and Anita have dark brown hair and they are both of American nationality.

Who is Ken Corsini’s, Wife-Anita Corsini? Details of the pair’s ‘Flip or Flop Atlanta’ Appearances

Ken Corsini, as well as his wife Anita Corsini, have garnered widespread fame due to their appearance on the show ‘Flip or Flop Atlanta.’

Ken and Anita have already appeared in 27 episodes of the show and have reportedly sold more than 600 houses to date.

Ken and Anita’s impact on the real state scene in the United States has been massive. They have been very successful in their profession and their show ‘Flip of Flop Atlanta’ has also been a successful television program. reports that Anita and Ken met while they were attending their college. After several encounters and continuous flirting, the pair decided to go on a date and they have not looked back since then.

Anita has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. In addition, she has also obtained a Master’s degree in math education. She has also worked as a math teacher for some time in her career. The couple learned about Anita’s pregnancy when ken was just starting his business in the real state.

Ken and Anita have three children from their marriage: Naomi, Rocco, and Kayla. Ken has revealed that the oldest of the three already has plans to follow on the footsteps of her parents and is planning to pursue a career in the real state once she grows up.

The pair’s son Rocco was diagnosed with a cancerous Wilms tumor on July 25, 2014. After multiple spinal taps and mouth sores, he has beat cancer now.

Anita has also been involved in other shows including ‘Today’ and ‘Flipping the South.’ Her husband Ken has also been part of these shows.

Recently, Anita posted a throwback picture on her Instagram and she also commented that Ken has been the best gift that she has ever had. The pair is in a strong relationship as of now and there is no news of any affairs.

Both Anita and Ken have been successful in maintaining a healthy professional career. They have not been involved in any sorts of controversies so far.