Kealia Ohai is Blind In Right Eye | Details Parents, Nationality and Sister

Kealia Ohai is Blind In Right Eye | Details Parents, Nationality and Sister

Here you Learn About Kealia Ohai is Blind In Right Eye | Parents, Nationality, Sister. Kealia Ohai is married to NFL JJ Watt, Ben, and Cindy Ohai.

American soccer player, Kealia Ohai is officially off the market.

The fall of 2019 meant a break for NFL stars as they look for the September to knock. But this NFL star, J.J. Watt (Justin James Watt) is already busy, though it’s only February.

Any guess, how is Watt kicking his offseason? Well, the 30-year defensive end celebrated February as a married man. A lot’s going down this Valentine. If you don’t wish to miss out on this lovely couple, keep scrolling.

Kealia Ohai is Blind In Right Eye

Have you searched for Kealie Ohai on the internet? One of the primary things to hit your screen is Kealia Ohai is bling in the right eye.

Well, as a pro-athlete, Kealia might have looked to safeguard the fact. But, she is quite open about her being blind in the right eye. But, it’s not something she inherited right at her birth.

Her eye problem escalated while she was just six years old. After a routine optical checkup at 6, doctors fit her with glasses. While glasses did no good, doctors made her wear a patch on her left eye to see if her right eye would improve.

It was rare astigmatism that affected her right eye. In fact, she was diagnosed with astigmatism at the age of six. Her astigmatism couldn’t be cured and Kealia ended up losing her right eyesight.

Still, Kealia plays soccer at ease. She really is a gifted one.

Details on her Parents & Sister

Kealia Ohai is the third daughter born into the Ohai family. She was born as Kealia Mae Ohai to parents, father Ben and mother Cindy Ohai.

Her parents raised her in the streets of Draper, Utha along with her two sisters. The eldest of the three sisters is Cami and the latter one is Megan Ohai. Cami is 5 years younger than Kealia, while Megan is 2 years younger than Kealia.

The Chicago Red Stars forward is very close to both of her sisters.

Goring up wearing a patch on her left eye wasn’t an easy thing for Kealia. Often teased and bullied for wearing a patch, Kealie stood strong with the aide of her sisters.

According to the forward, Megan and Cami always helped her maneuver as she struggled with her bullies.

Kealia Ohai’s Nationality is American

Kealia Ohai was born to American parents. She was born in the States, resides in the States and is a national soccer player for the United States Women’s side.

Kealia Ohai is an American national. Also, she belongs to white ethnicity.

The American lady has a white complexion.

Her hair color is blonde. And has beautiful hazel colored eyes.

Kealia Ohai Weds Fiance J.J. Watt

Kealia Ohai and J.J. Watt are among the most cherished couples from the sporting world. The athlete-pair began dating in 2016.

They made their relationship official in October 2016. In October, the American football defensive end took to Twitter to praise Kealie who just recovered from an ACL injury in June.

In May of 2019, the couple got engaged. And in less than a year from their engagement, Kealia and Watt walked down the aisle, on February 15. They wed in the Bahamas.