Kayla Wallace Age, Wiki, Married, Boyfriend, Ethnicity, Height

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Kayla Wallace is a versatile actress, dancer, and singer of white ethnicity. Just 2-movies old actress, Kayla Wallace is best known for starring on Hallmark movie ‘Once Upon A Prince’ and current role on ‘When Calls the Heart’.

Here’s something you need to know about this sexy leading actress, her birthplace, love life and what she’s best known for!  

Kayla Wallace Age

Stunning actress to emerge out from Canada, Kayla Wallace is tall, delicate beauty probably in her 30s but still looking good.

As Kayla Wallace hasn’t revealed the details on her precise date of birth, we can’t report on her age in 2019, but she looks someone, who is in between the late 20s and early 30s.  

Is Kayla Wallace Married? Or Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Kayla is attractive, successful and well-adjusted, who seems to be single and doing just fine that way.

Since dipping her toes in professional acting, reportedly she hasn’t exclusively dated anyone in the public.

Kayla Wallace may have been in relationships with few men in the past, but nothing led to serious to get married nor have the ex-boyfriends been lucky enough to call Kayla Wallace their wife.

Plus, the actress is only focusing on her career and has never been open about her love life or dating life. Considering that, she is possibly dating someone out of everyone knowledge.

On the contrary, there is hoax going over Wallace’s identity via the Internet.

There are several websites that claim the Kayla Wallace to be married to Isaiah Thomas, a professional basketball player.

But, that’s just mistaken identity as the player is married to Kayla Jasmin, not Kayla Wallace.

You can check Isaiah’s Instagram account to be sure as he often expresses his love and praise for the mother of his two sons.

How tall is Kayla Wallace? Is her Height above 5 Feet Above the Ground?

Kayla Wallace seems quite tall in television and movies, but, the actress is still to reveal her actual height.

However, the mystery behind Kayla’s freakishly towering status is finally revealed which is her affinity for wearing high heels.

Kayla came into the public eyes as a Disney actress in 2014. However, she quickly earned her spot on the Canadian entertainment industry as a sought-after actress.

And, it can be a little scary that her petite, thin frame commands huge attention.     

Kayla Wallace Wiki

Kayla Wallace originally hails from Vancouver Island, Canada, where she grew a passion for acting and began performing as a 6-year-old in musical theatre.

Her love of performing then grew into a passion for television and movies once she enrolled at The Canadian College of Performing Arts in Victoria, where she trained in singing, dancing & acting 12 hours a day and 6-days a week.

Following graduation, she moved to Vancouver to further initiate a professional career in acting. And, she pursued her passion with so faith that fortune and popularity eventually followed her, turning her into a successful actress within short spans of time.

Fast forward today, she is recognized for her work on ‘Once upon a Price’ (2018), ABC’s ‘The Good Doctor’ (2017) and ‘Christmas Solo’.

Although Wallace’s brief biography is readable on few sites including IMDB, Kayla Wallace doesn’t have her Wiki page.