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Katie Lynn Leclerc is a beautiful actress with a radiant smile and anyone who has seen the series Switched at Birth can vouch for her remarkable and convincing acting as a deaf character on the teen drama. Her excellent portrayal of Daphne Vasquez on the series has led to assumptions from her audience that she’s deaf in real life but it is not true. The 1986 born actress however suffers from a case of Ménière's disease.

Katie was officially confirmed to have Ménière's disease when she was twenty years old. Her familiarity with the disorder massively influenced her reaction to the disorder. She was raised in Lakewood, Colorado and was the youngest among her siblings. Two of her family members, her father and elder sister both suffer from Ménière's that made Katie want to learn American Sign Language. The fact that she began using sign language three years before her diagnosis must have helped her to prepare for the upcoming ordeals which include minor to major cases of vertigo as well as hearing loss. Because she was diagnosed much later, her speech didn’t suffer but she performs with a deaf accent on the series. A native of San Antonio, Texas, Katie wedded her fiancé and former agent Brian Stuart Habecost in September 2014. They have been together for over a year and were engaged in 2013.

Katie first tried her hands at acting when she was a seventh grader. She discovered that she loved to be on stage and indulged in theatre for the next few years. She got exposure in a few commercials and appeared in a music video for the band Rascal Flatts song, What Hurts the Most. She got her first major role on the series Veronica Mars in 2005 that resulted in further casting in television series like Fashion House, Saint & Sinners, The Riches and The Ex List. Her resume also consists of a few feature films such as The Inner Circle, Flying By and The Confession. Her performance has been by far the most sensational and heartening on ABC Family’s Switched at Birth. She is seen on the teen drama as Daphne Vasquez, a teenager who is switched at birth with another teenager, Bay Kennish who is portrayed by Vanessa Marano.   She said in an interview that she thinks of her condition as a blessing because she has been able to have a deeper connection to people with hearing loss and also because of her role on Switched at Birth, she has been able to reach out to fans with similar disorders. For a full episode of Switched at Birth, the actors performed using only sign language, which Katie feels has made a huge difference for the fans that are deaf. She has guest starred on series like The Big Bang Theory, CSI, My Synthesized Life and Community. She has appeared on television shows like The John Kerwin Show, Teens Wanna Know and Good Day L.A.

Katie has turned her disorder into her strongest artillery in life. Even when the disease leaves her with severe vertigo, she braces herself and maintains a positive outlook. She spends her leisure in activities like hiking, rock climbing and reading. She loves to cook and also enjoys basketball.

Portraying Daphne Vasquez on Switched at Birth has been a career highlight for American actress Katie Leclerc. Because she herself suffers from a hearing disorder, she has been able to perform exceptionally well on screen. Katie is an excellent actress with a lot of potential for even more career defining roles.