Katie Hamilton Kolton Pierce: Age, Net Worth – All About Marrying Million Cast & Josh Hamilton Ex Wife’s Current Relationships

Katie Hamilton Kolton Pierce: Age, Net Worth - All About Marrying Million Cast & Josh Hamilton Ex Wife's Current Relationships

A new reality show is hyping the internet currently. The show titled Marrying Millions aired on July 10. Since then viewer’s want to know more about the cast members. Katie Hamilton and Kolton Pierce are two of the cast members of the lifetime’s show.

Thus, here are some details about Katie and Kolton. Keep reading to know about them.

Katie Hamilton & Kolton Pierce: Age

As per mylifetime.com, Katie Hamilton’s current age is 37. And, Kolton Pierce’s is of 23 years of age. It seems age doesn’t matter when you are in love. Katie and Kolton are in an open relationship. The couple is dating each other for a couple of months.

Katie and Kolton first met via Katie’s 18-year-old daughter. Yeah, that’s true. Kolton is her daughter’s friends. They met when her daughter friends came to her house. Currently, the couple is ready to show their love in Marrying Millions.

Katie Hamilton & Kolton Pierce: Net Worth

As of 2019, Katie Hamilton has a net worth of $10 million. However, her partner, Kolton’s net worth is under review. Katie is the ex-wife of baseball elite Josh Hamilton. Undoubtedly, she bagged a huge amount of money during her divorce. She is now a millionaire.

Furthermore, Kolton Pierce is a struggling hip-hop artist. Thus, Kolton doesn’t have net-worth more than Katie for sure. He is still working to earn money and fame. Additionally, Kolton has a single song, ‘Bad at Love’. But, he doesn’t have so many subscribers on YouTube to date.

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All about Marrying Million Cast

On July 10, 2019, the reality series, Marrying Million made a debut. It will air on Lifetime. Marrying Million is a creation of 90 Day Fiancée’s creators. Hope you know about the reality show, 90 Day Fiancée.

Additionally, Marrying Million is starring six couples as cast members. The show features cast members who are madly in love. However, there is a big age gap and the net-worth gap between the couples. One of them in a couple is a millionaire whereas the other is completely opposite.

Likewise, Katie Hamilton and Kolton Pierce are the casts of Marrying Millions. Here, Katie is a millionaire. And, Kolton hasn’t even a good career so far. He is still trying to rise in the showbiz industry.

As mentioned above, Katie and Kolton met for the first time at her house. Kolton is her daughter’s friend. He came to her house as Katie’s daughter friend. Later, Katie and Kolton started dating.

Let’s see what the couple will show in Marrying Millions. The couple proved that age is just a number in love. Though there is a huge age gap between them, they are madly in love.

Hamilton’s Ex-wife Current relationships

Katie Hamilton is Josh Hamilton’s ex-wife. Josh and Katie divorced publicly in early 2015s. Katie got custody of their children. The famous baseball star’s ex-wife is currently in another relationship.

Josh Hamilton’s ex-wife is dating a much younger guy. Kolton Pierce is Katie Hamilton’s new boyfriend. The duo is showing off their relationship in Marrying Millions.