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If you think internet only cares about Keanu Reeves’s good works, Jimmy Fallon show, cat videos you might be wrong because there are a lot of celebrity biographies on the Internet. When I say celebrity, I mean from a local news reporter to big names like Tom Cruise.

Katie Beasley might not be the most famous person or you might have never even heard her name. However, let me tell you that she is still worth everybody’s time.

She is a local news reporter on a small channel but that does not mean that she’s not working hard. In fact, she’s working her ass off. More than some famous person a movie set complaining about their squeaking chair.

Katie Beasley Husband John Milliner and Wedding

Katie Beasley is apparently married to John Milliner according to sources on the Internet. John is a Business executive. Hmmm…a business executive and a news reporter must make a nice couple. But let me tell you that profession isn’t what determines a successful marriage.

They were together from their college days. AWW, isn’t that sweet? Yes, people, I awed with all caps because they deserve it.

Katie Beasley Age


Oops! Seems like we have no idea what her age is. In this age, it’s very hard to hide such details but Katie seems to be a secretive person. If she doesn’t want her age to be revealed out to the world, so be it.

The only detail we can share you is that she was born on April 13th.

Katie Beasley Wiki/Bio

According to Wiki, Katie Beasley was born to David and Tammy Beasly and grew up in Canton, Georgia.

She must have had a fun childhood because she had 2 younger siblings. Beasly had a brother named David and a sister named Kelly.

She graduated with Bachelors in Art and a major in Journalism. Her passion for journalism since middle school days really fueled her professional journey.

She is a local host and news reporter in the Atlanta area. People know her quite well in Atlanta and she must love it there too.

Katie Beasley Salary: $70, 000 – $120 Thousand

Nobody knows the salary of Katie Beasley actually but $70k-$120k is the average salary of a Fox News anchor. So, that salary is speculated from that information.

However, her career is an upward graph for some time now. So, don’t be surprised if she has a net worth well above 6 digits because that is possible. It’s not revealed but it might be possible.

Katie Beasley Kids: Ava James and Cole James

On 5 October 2015, Katie Beasley gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and her name is Ava James. She recently had another baby and named him Cole.

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Katie Beasley Height

Let’s talk about her height now. Apparently, she is a short girl. She stands moderately at 5 feet 2 inches.

Although models have a hard time with short height, it’s not the case with reporters. Maybe because they sit most of the time.