Kathy Gyngell Wikipedia And Husband: Is She Married?

Kathy Gyngell Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Net Worth And Family Facts

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Kathy Gyngell is not available on official Wikipedia. However, he is covered by some sites.

Kathy is a former TV producer based in the united kingdom. Currently, she works as a researcher for the center of policy studies since 2006.

Kathy Gyngell’s Husband

Kathy Gyngell’s husband is Byran Gyngell. He passed away at the age of 71.

He was a lung cancer patient even though he was not a smoker.

Kathy Gyngell is a second wife of Bruce Gyngell. They married in 1986, and both together have two sons named Adam and Jamie.

Name Kathy Gyngell
Birthday April 7, 1950
Age 70 years
Gender Female
Nationality British
Profession Television Producer
Married/Single Married
Husband Bruce Gyngell
Children 2 sons (Adam and Jamie)
Education Cambridge University & Oxford University
Twitter @KathyConWom

 10 Facts On Kathy Gyngell

  1. Kathy was born in the United Kingdom. So, She holds a British nationality.
  2. Similarly, Kathy Gyngell is 70 years of age as of 2021. She was born in 1950, and her birthday falls on 7 April, as mentioned by powerbase.
  3. Considering her profession, Kathy Gyngell’s net worth is expected to be high. However, her exact value is not yet disclosed.
  4.  About Kathy Gyngell’s family facts, she has two children, and her full name was Kathy Rowan before she married Bruce Gyngell.
  5. About Kathy’s academic records, she has sound academic qualifications as she has a degree in social anthropology from Cambridge University and an M.Phil in sociology at Oxford University.
  6. Like other personalities, Kathy is also active on Twitter. Her Twitter account is named as @KathyConWom, with huge followers of about 10.5K.
  7. Besides working as a TV producer in the past, She also worked as a right-wing operative and also as an advisor to the Conservative London mayor. 
  8. Even achieving good records as a TV producer and political analyst, she has also co-founded Full-Time Mothers Association and Minotaur Media Tracking organizations.
  9. Similarly, Kathy is also seen in the writer and author’s role as she has also written a total of 5 books as of 2021. Meanwhile, her most popular book is BBC Bias? Two Short Case Studies David Keighley
  10.  After giving birth to her 2nd child named Jamie, Kathy left her job and then worked as a full-time mother, But later on, she joined her job again when her two sons grew up.