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Kathy Garza Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Bio. Kathy Garza relationship and biography has been kept under a very low profile. She is also known as hulk women has an incredible manly body.

Looking at her muscular body with veins, it is visible that she has worked very hard to achieve such astonishing body.

Kathy Garza Age/Date of Birth/Birthday

Kathy Garza is a bodybuilder who was born in the United States. Her age information is missing and everything about her personal life is anonymous.

Kathy Garza Height, 5’9”, Weight


Kathy Garza has an amazing height of 5 feet 9 inch. She weighs 68 Kg.

Her bust size is 38 inch and bra size is 42 B (US). Her hip size is 38 inch. She has built a tremendous iron body by hitting the gym and doing intense exercises.

She has blonde hair and sharp looks. People around her get surprised looking at her macho body.

Kathy Garza Net Worth – $1 Million Dollar

Kathy Garza, a strong muscular woman net worth is estimated to be a million dollar.

She is involved in different fitness activity and is a media personality. She shares tutorials in building a strong body through different websites.

She has also won many tournaments and awards in 2017, July 30 she won the 2nd position at the USA National Championships.

Kathy Garza Boyfriend? Who is she dating?

Kathy Garza has been successful to make her personal life totally away from her career life. There has not been a single rumor about her relationship with somebody in the past nor in present.

However recently there has been a rumor that she has a daughter. Nevertheless, there is no image of her with her daughter or any reliable information about who the daughter is and who her biological father is.

Kathy Garza  Bio

Kathy Garza is a highly motivated woman with a solid and vigorous body. The only information about her life is that she was born in New York.

Besides this, there is nil information about her personal life. There is no information about her parents, the school and university she went or anything about her on the web.

She has mentioned in her social media that the coaches that guided her during her fitness journey were Greg Corriere and Finish First Injury Prevention, which is a personal fitness center.

Kathy Garza Instagram – 51.1 K Followers

Kathy Garza due to her masculine heroic body has gained the attention of many people. She has broken the stereotype that women too can make a muscular body just like that of men.

She has around 51 thousand people following her in her Instagram account @grzkathy.

She has posted videos of her lifting heavy dumbbells. She has also uploaded a picture from her photo shoot in a bikini on which she looks absolutely amazing.