Kate Tickle Age

Kate Tickle born on November 17, 1983, is aged 39 years currently. Her Husband David Tickle posted a sweet picture of her on Instagram wishing her a belated 37th Happy Birthday back in November 2020. 

With a beautiful height for a diva standing at 5 feet 10 inches and other attributes, it's no wonder why she was crowned in different pageant shows.

Kate Tickle Wikipedia and Husband 

Kate Tickle being an artistic woman played musical instruments like guitar, a keyboard which made her joined a band as a keyboard player and backing vocalist formed by her father.

She often described herself as a musician and wanted people to know her as a musician too.

Being an enthusiastic person in the field of movies she even worked as a personal assistant for one of the famous director who already had a bag full of awards and following in his bag.

With all that life had showered her with happiness she wanted to share it with others in the form of charity where she even met her future love of her life being connected through several common projects.

She married famous British music producer and engineer  David Tickle. He was well established with some popular names in the bag in both US and Canada where he produced Joe Cocker, The Divinyls " I touch myself". He was well appreciated for his work with Split Enz.

Married in 2019 David Tickle and Kate Tickle have 2 sons named Jaxon and Alfie where Alfie was born on August 20 according to the Instagram post posted by David Tickle expressing his happiness and joyous moment of being bad and thanking his wife.


Kate Tickle Net Worth

Kate Tickle has a wide range of interests and has worked in various fields like modeling, music industry, acting however her net worth is yet to be calculated as she believes in the theory of living a private and beautiful life. Early success in the beauty pageant led her to the big title in her life afterward.

With high success in the field of entertainment, she debuted as a lead actress in Topgear.

Working in different fields in different aspects would do nothing but boost her net worth to the highest level she worked for.

While some of her net worth is invested in good aspects in the form of charity she is enjoying her private life with her husband and two sons.