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Who is the best director working today? While there are tons of great filmmaker today, Kat Coiro is one of well-regarded director of American nationality.

While she has numerous movies and television series to her name, Kat is popular for directorial work on ‘Shameless’. Up ahead, is everything you need to know about this director and writer, Kat Coiro.

How old is Kat Coiro? Her Age and Birthday

If age is nothing but just a number, then why does a person get so edgy about it? Among such is director Kat Coiro, who seldom speaks about her actual birthdate.

We spend hours searching to figure out how old this woman is. But we weren’t able to unveil the facts on her age or birthday so far.

However, Kat’s Wikipedia page also doesn’t have her age listed.

Kat Coiro Wiki


Kat Coiro was born in Downtown Manhattan and raised in South Beach, Florida. In her hometown, her family ran Tap Tap Haitian Restaurant.

Growing up, she was the student of the Interlochen Arts Academy in Northern Michigan. She later graduated with a degree n history and theater from Carnegie Mellon University.

She completed her directorial course at The Moscow Art Theater in Russia. Afterward, she settled in New York and then Los Angeles. While in Los Angeles, she studied and worked in various positions – behind-and-in-front of the camera.

Around this time, she became the chief of development at Bold Films. She had also enrolled at The American Film Institute Conservatory for the master’s degree.

As per her Wiki suggest, she gave her directing debut in 2011 with film, ‘Life Happens’. Before getting into directing, she used acting as a launching tool to bloom into the entertainment industry.

Kat Coiro Husband – Rhys Coiro

You remember ‘Entourage’ regular Rhys Coiro, right? He is a popular stage, film and television actor, who originally earned success on Broadway.

Well, Mr. Rhys Coiro was the celebrity crush of director Kat Coiro.

While it remains unknown when Rhys and Kat began dating, the two are now married with three children.

As it remains undisclosed when they got married, their relationship is still ongoing. The Coiro couple currently resides in Los Angeles with their three kids and a rescued Chihuahua.

The family lives a super-secluded lifestyle and keeps their life private and away from the media.

How much is Kat Coiro Net Worth?

Kat Coiro has not disclosed the actual figure of her net worth or career earnings to date. On the other hand, her husband is worth around $5 million, Celebrity Net Worth estimates.

Mrs. Coiro is an in-demand episodic and pilot director. She has helmed numerous hit shows including ‘Brooklyn 99’, ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ and others.

Her directorial career started out with short projects before transitioning into commercials, television and feature movies.

She usually works as a coach with Film Independent for budding directors and writers.  Kat sits regularly on the jury for the HollyShorts Film Festivals. She has also launched the Acting for The Camera plan at Interlochen Arts Academy.

Kat Coiro’s Height – How tall is the director?

Kat Coiro is a radiant beauty with considerable height and body weight. Lean in appearance, she stays in shape with regular fitness regimens and a balanced diet.