Kassandra Santos: 10 Facts On Ari Millen Wife And Family

Kassandra Santos, the movie star is famously known for her work on Antisocial 2, Blood Empires, and Darken. She might be using Instagram but her real account is still anonymous. But the celebrity Kassandra’s Twitter handle is registered by her own name, ‘@KassandraSantos‘ where she is watched by more than 500 people. 

Moreover, She portrays herself as an actor, chef, mother, and also an animal lover as specified on the social bio. Besides films and all, she also loves traveling and exploring distinct places over the globe. Learn more about Kassandra Santos,


Name Kassandra Santos
Birthday January 9, 1980
Age 41
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Nationality Canada
Profession Actress
Married/Single Married
Husband Ari Millen
Children Lily and Leo Millen
Twitter KassandraSantos

10 amazing facts about Kassandra Santos:

  1. As miss Kassandra Santos was in the year 1980, January 9. She is currently 41 years old by her age.
  2. Standing at the ideal height, she has played several movies. Kassandra Santos is 5 feet and 9 inches tall that is 1.75 meter.
  3. The genuine Instagram account is not found for the actress Kassandra Santos. A bunch of accounts can be examined which are enrolled with her same name.
  4. Ari Millen is the husband of the actress Kassandra Santos. Moreover, Ari Millen is also an actor from Canada who has also been awarded Canadian Screen Award 2016.
  5. Net worth has not still estimated for Kassandra Santos but she might make enough as both the couples are in the world of films and television.
  6. On the year 2016, August 28 they both got married to each other and started a sparkling family life sharing two children.
  7. Lily and Leo are the two children of Kassandra Santos.
  8. Her movie genres include thriller, action & adventure, fantasy, drama, romance, science fiction, and horror.
  9. Kassandra Santos’s movies can be watched on the amazon official site. You must buy the film to get watched over the internet.
  10. Her top titles are Bitten Season 1, Maps to the Stars, Flashpoint, Beast within, etc.