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Kash Doll aka Arkeisha Knight Net Worth, Married, Husband, Hair, Boyfriend. Kash Doll aka Arkeisha Knight is an American model and recording artist. And, while she is no stranger to the hip-hop industry, it was her feature on Metro Boomin’ and Big Sean’s ‘So Good’ that sparked a drive to reach mainstream audiences. Having originally entered the entertainment industry as an exotic dancer, she gained in popularity in 2014 after her remix of Tinashe’s hit the airways through WGPR’s 107.5.

Is Kash Doll Dating? Know her Boyfriend and Love Affair

The songstress is possibly single right now, and it doesn’t really seem like she is looking to date anyone anytime soon. And, with the hype she is getting lately, she’s doing great on her own!

And honestly, she hasn’t done much dating since she broke up with boyfriend Shane over a photo that she took and uploaded on Instagram with fellow rapper, Drake, who has a reputation of a ‘Casanova’. But, that was a year ago, and she has not been linked to anyone since.

But, if she is seeing someone on the down-low, without revealing details to the public—that’s a completely different scenario. For now, she’s far too busy making waves in the entertainment industry and bringing a little more diversity to the rap world.

Hailing from the bustle and hustle of Detroit, Arkeisha Knight witnessed the death of her father on her first birthday. Coming from a very large family with six siblings, she began working from an early age, struggling between various different works from working in a pub to babysitting.

The attendee of Henry Ford, she then attended the Detroit City Height but was expelled due to bad behavior. With her lifelong passion for hip-hop, grind mode mentality and aggressive authenticity, she has deservingly paved her way to fame as a female rapper.

How tall is Kash Doll? Details on her Height and Body Measurements


Known for the famous behind, Kash Doll is the epitome of hourglass body. With her super sexy dark complexion and droll-worthy curves, she is one busty woman with bigger breasts, slim waistline, and nicely shaped backside.

Although the measurements of her body are yet to be revealed, the beautiful Kash looks stunning in her voluptuous frame, slaying the skimpiest of the skimpiest attire. Seemingly short in height with balanced body weight, she is a gorgeous brown-eyed beauty, who just loves to flaunt her figure, whether it’s her music videos or stage performances or social media.

Quite disciplined about her smoking figure, she keeps herself in shape by following a healthy lifestyle. A sensible eater, her regular workouts filled with a core, circuit training, and core tightening has given her nicely sculpted hips.   

Detroit-bred emcee seems to be enjoying her new found in the showbiz. Yet another internet sensation blessed with full figured, she isn’t afraid to flaunt her perfect legs, massive bust, and curves online. Speaking of such, you can follow her glamorous Instagram account to take a peek at their everyday life.

What is Kash Doll’s Net Worth?

American rapper Kash Doll reportedly has an estimated net worth of $1 million with an annual income of $125 to $250 thousand. For everybody singer, Kash has been active in the hip-hop scene since 2015, releasing her debut mixtape called ‘K.R.E.A.M’.

No stranger to the camera’s, with a modeling career starting from a young age, she was an exotic dancer, making $26k a night. Also owning her enterprise entitled ‘Kasha De Doll Beauty’, she is flashy about her property and accessories on social media.